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Headphones for $30?

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Hello, I'm new to the forums, although I have been following them for reference for a little while.

The other day, I found myself with a $30 Barnes & Noble gift card. Realizing I can use it for an online order, I decided to browse around. There weren't any books that interested me, but I did notice that they have an headphones section. So I decided to use the $30 gift card to buy some new headphones (who wouldn't?).

Currently, I only have an old Samsung YP-T9 that I use for music with a pair of Meelec M6 IEMs. I listen mostly to slower rock-ballad type songs, and they tend to have various instrumentals. The mid-range and highs would be most important to me; bass is fine if it's there, but I definitely more appreciate how clean and refined the bass is, not the quantity.

B&N's complete sale list is here http://gifts.barnesandnoble.com/home-gift/container/4-merch.asp?PID=37061 
I've kind of narrowed my choices down to JVC Xtreme Xplosives HA-S4X (not for the bass, just the fact that it seems like decent full size cans), the Koss KSC75 / KTXPRO1 (I understand they're essentially the same drivers?), or the Sennheiser HD201, leaning towards the former two right now. But I may have completely overlooked a really good option on that list...
I can put a little extra more than just the $30, but I really would prefer not to have to spend too much more; after all, the only reason I'm making a purchase is because I happen to have a gift card I probably won't use otherwise.

Also, I do not want to buy an IEM; I'm just looking for something I can listen to at home mostly besides my M6. I would most prefer full size headphones, but only because it seems like they would have the best sound. In the end, all I'm looking for is just the absolute best sound quality and clarity from their list for ~$30. I really don't care about portability, but isolation would be nice in case I do use it in public places (but not a priority in any way). Again, I'm really not much of a basshead; it's fine if it's there, but I'm really just looking for the best sound in the mids and highs. If it makes a difference, a portable amp purchase sometime in the future is not impossible.

I realize I'm probably being overly anal about a cheapy $30 purchase, but maybe this could be my entry to the audiophile scene smily_headphones1.gif, and I just would like to make the most out of this card.

Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated! biggrin.gif

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I recommend you to get the KSC75 or maybe a Porta pros ..  but it seems B&N price is rather high (46$ for portapros).... so just get the ksc75 if you don't mind the clip on model ...

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what about the koss ur20?

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Yes, it seems that B&N is overpriced in general, but it's not so bad on the KSC75. I don't think I'll mind the clip, but if I do, maybe I can pick up a $5 cheapy at Wal-Mart and do a headband mod cool.gif
I saw the UR-20, but it seems to be the worse version of the UR-40, which uses the same drivers as KSC75, I think? So I would think it has a worse sound than the KSC75...
Does nobody have any experience with the JVCs? I like the closed full can design, but can't seem to find anything on the JVC frown.gif

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I have had the JVC Flats for awhile, they arent full size, but they are amazing for the $20 bucks. I recently heard the ATH-M50's and wasnt immensely impressed. (thats how good the flats are)

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Koss UR20 is much better then UR40 in everything but aesthetics.

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