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Hi everyone,


I was youtubing around and stumbled across these DIY ear muff headphones, and remembered reading about Gary's version of it too.


So I thought, why not, but most of these guys are using crap drivers, whats the best on ear headphones that I can easily take off the headband (if there is one) Used or New.


Any recommended ebay links would be much help smily_headphones1.gif


I would like the sq of something like the s/portapros/ksc35, but the ksc35's are hard to get a hold of, and I'm in the UK, I have posted a wanted KSC35. Also the s/portapros are £18 new, and as I'll be ripping them apart, I don't really want to spend that much.


I do like the sound and the bass response of the portapros, so this would be ideal, from what I've heard about the Koss Titanium drivers (KSC75 etc.) they are going to be too bright.


Also if anyone has had any experience with this mod, as these are open phones, what's the best drivers to get, that will sound good in the closed back muffs?


Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, anything with good punchy bass response, without muffling the other frequencies, and certainly nothing too bright.


Broken, but repairable portapros coming through the post for just £5 off eBay...

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