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One thing I've noticed about the head-fi community after spending over 8 months of continually reading the forums is that the people here are extremely respectful, helpful, and intelligent. This, in large, is by far the most mature group of people I have ever encountered on the internet.


That's what makes me come back so much and it's why I've grown addicted to Head-fi. If I ever needed a question answered, I would have multiple answers with long and well thought out responses. For example, there are always newbies coming into these forums and asking "wut headphones should i buy? Beats or Bose?" and as incoherent and uninformed of this hobby they may be, the thread expands into pages and pages of many members giving their sincere and formulated opinions.


And I think that these people should be rewarded for their efforts in the form of "reputation points".


So if you ask a question and someone gives a great answer back, you have the option to give them some rep points. Even if something they said was funny or witty, you still have the option to give them rep.


What this does, in my opinion, is that it promotes this type of behavior to help one another out. Not only that but it recognizes the people who are deserving of rep points.


Some may ask - who cares about rep? Why should I care?  Well... You don't! There's no intrinsic value in these rep points but they are there purely for prestige. Members who are more helpful and active in making Head-fi a better place than it already is will be the more popular members of the forum.


Many people may say that we already have this in the form of post numbers. But I don't feel like the number of posts necessarily dictates the quality of the posts.


But the best thing is - this whole reps thing isn't an experiment or some sort of unproven gimmick. It really works.


Many of you are already familiar with it. For example, a popular deal-watching website is driven by rep points. Slickdeals has millions and millions of visitors per month and the reason why the website is so successful is because it drives its communities to post up great deals. If a member finds a great deal and decides to post it, they get rep points. Members actually have NO other incentive to go out of their way and post deals to the community besides these rep points.



That's not to say that it's the only thing that would "drive" head-fi. The people here at head-fi have been helping out others without rep since they got into audio. But it is also extremely important to recognize their actions and their value.