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DT 770 which version?

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Hi head-fiers!


I just recently stumbled upon this site after researching on what good bassy headphones are out there. Now I feel stupid for thinking my beats is pretty good for music. mad.gif

After reading a threads, I decided to pickup a beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohms because of the bass. I went to a local retailer but they are out of stock and they didn't know when they're gonna have them again. right now these are what they have:


DT770 M

DT770 250


Now w/c of these is closer to 80ohms version when it comes to Bass and sound quality? I'm not sure if my laptop's sound card is powerful enough for 250 version so im thinking of picking up this http://us.store.creative.com/Creative-Sound-Blaster-XFi-HD-Sound/M/B004275EO4.htm. Is this good combo in case i go for 250 route? Any help is appreciated!

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Order online the 32ohm version.


Don't buy a soundcard because the can you want needs one when you can get a 32 ohm version.


Difference of the Pro and Premium is that the Premium is a update for 2005 including: Better more tighter bass, less recessed mids and better looks. Comfort and highs are the same for both versions.


I'd go Premium for the looks, or you can go cheap and get the Pro.


Don't buy a soundcard to buy a headphone.


Actually, you should go 880 premium 32 ohm.


Better yet, go Pro900 if you want true bass. You don't need a amp if your source isn't a $1 store DAP. 40 ohm btw, nothing to worry about.

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I forgot to mention that I am picking up the headphone locally because i dont have a credit card to order online. So my choices are fairly limited. I checked their site and DT880 is out too. For Dt990, i would prefer my headphone to be "close" because it's kinda noisy where am at. 

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I'm sure your laptop would not work with any 250-Ohm headphones.

you can get a cheap ($50) single tube headphone amplifier off eBay (ships from China) that will power 250-Ohm headphones.

The DT-770 80-Ohm headphones are very bassy, I'm finding mine too bassy, but I guess they would work off a laptops audio jack.


Superlux HD-669 headphones are way less then the Beyerdynamics and are about 75% as good.

They are 56-Ohm, so will work with any audio source.


An Asus Xonar U3 USB sound card is small and cheap ($40+), plugs into your laptops USB port.

Will make any headphone sound better then the laptop audio.

Should work with any headphones up to maybe 150-Ohm

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My friend has the DT 770 250 premium running off a cheap creative soundcard and it powers it fine volume-wise. He only has to turn it up halfway at the very most. Same with my macbook pro internal card. Unless you have a seriously underpowered built in sound card or a cheap mp3 player, the 770 250 ohm will do fine on many sources. The quality certainly won't be the best without an amp or dac. However, there was a cheap phillips go gear and a horrible onboard sound card from the 90s that wouldn't do it. Just my personal experience.

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I have a beyer DT 250 80ohm that works fine out of a stock sound card, not sure if this help at all

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The 770 pro 80s are definitely heavy on the bass, but I've been loving it for almost 3 years now.  I've grown so used to it, that my D7000s almost sound bass shy to me...

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