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AudioHub Singapore - The Service Experience

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Personally I'm a customer of the AudioHub since the v4 cable.(fairly recent)

From his new products and developments.. I'm a huge supporter.

People told me that he can be a little snobbish, I didn't take much notice until now.


I read his post here:




"Yet they want to claim authority and lord over everyone else and act like a prick, just because they want to feel special..tsk grow already mate."



It's not right that a company starts insulting an individual, and flaming an individual on the company's website?

Read on for more information..



Here's a mini-Singapore forum. It's not easy to enter the audiophile forums, as one does not know the market that well yet. Anything he/she says or do can get flamed, especially if it's a Beats by Dre product.(especially in SG)


And here's some reponses he gave to an honest forumer, who never insulted him or his products.




"Oh I got some free time now to enjoy my fostex listening to yanni live in acropolis, so I shall respond to your juvenile trolling.

you know what.. if you have the guts the troll.
Be there at the bencoolen from 10 am to 6pm - if you want my number, simply PM me =)

cut me the elitist bull**** already.. if you want to come just ask.
Don't have to act from the a high horse and throw your moral crap at me just because you feel left out.

I represent a community with vested interest that they be taken care of - I don't simply invite others to taint it just because of money.
You know why? because I care for them and don't want wanna-be's whom they complain to me and also whom don't get what this hobby is about but talk so much on forums, affect their personal experience which they enjoy and treasure alot.

So now tell me which shop does that for their client? 
And that my friend, is why they pay me their hard earn money to service them and trust me with my recommendations and advice..
you jelly?

I'll be waiting for a person who will be there named bithead. I've invited my suppliers and all my top customers will be there, you can mock me infront of them.

So if you wanna start something, make sure you finish it.
If not don't make me call you bluff and show you how much BS you really are and school you on how to be a troll. 

Now you shall see why it is a cartel, and what it is capable of.
The venue is a service apartment on loan to me from a customer and also with a high end customer flying in from malaysia to join us.

So are you going to call out to mommy for being too unfriendly, or you're gonna be a big boy.. oh btw I've invited Signeo SEA senior representative whose company owns the brand Soul to be there, you can tell him in his face, how much soul suck too.

I'll be waiting..."




"I am a troll.. love me or hate me, you cannot ignore me.. being humble and polite is so boring."


not sure how much customer service is important to you guys, but for me, it's a turnoff when the boss provides poor customer service. especially when it comes to pro-audio and personal projects. that, is an ultimatum and i will definitely not purchase anything from AudioHub anymore.

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While I don't doubt your sincerity in posting, it does seem as if you created an account here just to talk about your bad experiences with AudioHub. That doesn't look good.

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i fully understand your concern. i don't mean to use a faux acc to post this, however i don't wanna ruin my personal r/s with audiohub or get blacklisted in any way. i hope he sees this and improves on his service, as his products are fairly good. 

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While he provides quality products and great prices, his attitude leaves little to be desired. While most of his discussions are very helpful, sometimes his responses can get a little... snobby.

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This is louis from the audiohub -


This is obviously a butthurt troll who can't take a little online banter and had to seek asylum under another forum while launching an attack to my reputation.

My customers will call me or email me directly to rectify problems with their products


The above 2 who had criticise my service standard is apparently not my customers and I have no served them before.

I have no hard sold them anything nor push products onto them nor harassed them - however they have chose to post this here - which i'm totally cool here because I'm not born to please everyone nor do business with everyone.


My facebook page is here - www.facebook.com/theaudiohub

Please feel free to audit with my real paying customers about my service level with them - I have nothing to hide and my conscience is clear ;)


If it is nothing less than stellar, feel free to post it here and continue to smear my name and reputation.

Oh BTW here is a video clip of a customer at my place- http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150317280431038


As it is, thanks for helping advertise my company and my brand here on headfi.

Keep hard the hardwork.. please drop by when you're ready to use your real identity and grow up already.



Louis from the Audiohub.


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Just some constructive criticism monsieur smily_headphones1.gif Service can always be improved no matter how good one gets.

I'm serious, please don't take this an attack.
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Really? what grounds? The face looks quite happy and there's no gun to his head.

You want his number to call and verify?




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*raises hands in surrender* if it'll make you chill, I'll stop. 'Kay?
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Crinacle : I don't know why you bother. deadhorse.gif

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yawns..another bithead..you're getting boring..




I haven nothing to hide.. lol

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seriously? lol 

This is geting boring..



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louis u need to improve on your service...


i am that guy who trolled u in HWZ


and i hope you change for the better...and not get banned by HWZ admin again



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well, it does seem a bit elitist, but it doesnt matter. just like how metal fans think pop suck and all. being an audiophile is being part of a sub-culture, every man needs to satisfy his desire of being in a fraternity just like how a man utd fan would troll and arsenal guy and so forth. if you dont like his service, you can find other people, others who are seeking his service will decide for themselves, no need to make such a fuss. this is all IMHO. :)

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