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For Sale:
Custom PC & Monitor

Will Ship To: The first 48



Intel Xeon W3350 Quad Core i7 CPU 3.07 GHz
Cooler-Master HAF 912 Enclosure
Gigabyte GA-X58 Mother Board w/SATA 3 and USB 3.0
Crucial XMS3 1600 MHz Tri-channel RAM 6 GB
Spire TherMax Eclipse II CPU Cooler
Corsair 650w HX Power Supply
Crucial Real SSD C300 64 GB SATA 3.0
Western Digital 300 GB HD
Sapphire Radeon HD 4350
Sony BD-ROM Blue Ray Drive
Windows 7 64 Ulitimate & Adobe CS5
Wireless Network adapter is also included


Dell U2410 IPS monitor color accurate works perfectly.

This computer is fast! The Windows Exprience scores are as follows: CPU 7.5 , RAM 7.9, Video 6.2 & Hard Drive 7.9 All you need is a faster video card and you can do some serious gaming even

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