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Portland, Oregon Meet - Summer 2011

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All of us here at ALO audio are excited to be hosting a local head-fi meet at our new workshop space in Southeast Portland!! Here are the preliminary details:



When: Saturday, September 17th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (or later if we're having too much fun). Setup will start at 10 a.m. for those who want to bring their headphone rigs. 


Where: 1810 SE 10th Ave Unit B 

            Portland, OR 97214 


Members of the trade attending: ALO audio

                                  Audez'e Inc.

                                  Cavalli Audio 

                                  Cypher Labs 


After-meet: To be determined



We are hoping to bring on a few other vendors to participate. We will have snacks, beverages, possibly some giveaways, and an all-around good time. It would be great to have folks from the Seattle area join us. We have a limited number of tables and chairs but plenty of space, so feel free to bring extra tables, chairs, power supplies, and extension cords to help everyone plug in. Please post if you will be attending, and let us know what gear (if any) you will be bringing. I will update this post with an attendee and gear list as it grows, along with any other relevant information.  


The following vendors are proud to be a sponsor of our meet:



New_ALO_Ad.jpg            RWAlogo.jpeg            Audeze_logo.jpeg            CypherLabsBlackShirtLogo.jpg



Attendee / Gear List: 


1. dogwan - Headphones: AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT880, AKG K-401 (re-cabled), Grado SR125i (modded), AT-ES7, Sony PFR-V1, Yamaha HY-2

Amps: AMB mini^3, ASL MG head OTL, Matrix M-stage (modded)

Sources: Valab NOS DAC (modded), MacBook PRO


2. sachu - Headphones: Audez'e LCD-2 

Amps: Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire (prototype), Cavalli Audio Stacker 2 (dBel84 edition)

Source: Assemblage DAC 3.1 Platinum via M2Tech HiFace  


3. Austin Morrow - Headphones: HiFiMan HE-300, Grado SR80i

Cables: Q-Audio cable for HE-300 (if they ship in time)

Amps: Pro-Ject Head Box II, TTVJ Slim, SoundMagic A10, Audinst AMP-HP

Source: HiSound Audio Studio-V


4. Ham Sandwich - Headphones: HD600, SR325i

Amp: Asgard amp

Source: Windows laptop, J River Media Center, E-MU 0204 USB / CD player



*Anyone who has a vinyl setup is encouraged to bring it! Also, don't forget LPs / CDs / iPods with your favorite listening tracks!*



We hope to see you all there!  





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Wow Ken, another meet. Hope I can make it. Portland is a new frontier to me.

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Ken, I would definitely come down from Seattle for a meet!


I finally got a chance to visit 32 Ohm for the first time and I want to say I had a great experience. Caileb was very helpful setting up a CD player and amp for me to audition headphones. I bugged him with noob questions but he took it in stride. I tried maybe a dozen headphones and then spent some more quality time with the HD800 and LCD-2. Caileb swapped cables for me and then swapped the amp with the iDecco for me to listen to (I really liked the iDecco!).


I was there almost 2 hours and couldn't be more impressed by the experience. You've got a great shop and great people.


I will return before the end of the month - very likely to purchase those wonderful LCD-2's. Best of luck with your endeavors and please keep us posted on the meet.

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Thanks for supporting the local Portlanders Ken by yet again taking the initiative.


I will try to make it to this meet.

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I'll try to make it... might have some stuff going on during that time period however.

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You all have fun, wish the store was closer.

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Woohooo! I've been hoping for a PDX meet. And it's the weekend before school starts!


I will definitely be there. I can bring my humble gear including....



AKG K701
Beyerdynamic DT880
AKG K-401 (re-cabled)
Grado SR125i (modded)
iGrado (modded)
JVC HA-RX900 (modded)
Sony PFR-V1
Yamaha HY-2



AMB mini^3
Matrix M-stage (modded)




Valab NOS DAC (modded)

MacBook PRO


I would also be willing to bring a vinyl rig w/ my latest DIY phono stage if there's room.





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Oh, anyone who is coming: might you happen to have speaker taps-to-XLR adapter? Would be nice to try out some other phones on my amp : D

I doubt it would work though with TRS as I'm hesitant to combine the grounds... 

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okay okay..i'll make the meet. I'll be bringing the following:


Source: Assemblage DAC 3.1 Platinum via M2Tech HiFace.


Amplifiers: Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire (prototype)

                    Cavalli Audio Stacker 2 (dBel84 edition)


Headphones: Audeze LCD-2



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Jeeze Sachu, why can't you bring the Thunderpants? Although it's looking great already, I would do my BEST to make it if they came along. wink.gif


(Ogden Utah)


Hope your meet is great guys!


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I'm not 100% sure if I have something going on that day or not, but if not I will certainly come down.


Based on the location and time it seems like we should also be planning an after-party at the Lucky Lab ;)

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Nooooooo, not the Lucky Lab! I've worked next door to that place for the last 4 yrs. Too close to home...... just kidding.

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I'll bring the new HiFiMan HE-300 for people to try out....

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i'd like to avoid the lucky lab as by bunch of hipsters..being the SE, its  nearly impossible to find a place not filled with the kind, the horse brass however is bearable compared to the rest.


My vote's or that.

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I am just excited for a meet in PDX. The hipsters can keep their Ipod earbuds and overpriced coffee. Ill be there, lets hope it gets slightly cooler.

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