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Sennheiser 595 and 598

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Dear Head-fi'ers,

I spend some time looking through similar posts on this subject on Head-fi, but I would love a more satisfying answer to reassure my doubts.

Some say the 598 is better, some say it's not.

-595 is much warmer and more smooth than the 598.
-598 has a much brighter signature, more treble and wider soundstage than the 595.
-595 mids are more upfront and into the face, the mids are taken back in the 598.

I am a bit worried about the brighter and more treble (maybe even too penetrating and harsh in some music) part in the 598. I like a smooth warm headphone with good soundstage. I am worried that the treble and brighter signature makes the 598 too thin or more fatiguing, can-like and aggressive to listen to?

Both go for the same price.

Thank you so much for taking the time reading this.


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I've listened to the HD 598 for a few days, and I can say they are not fatiguing or thin. I find them to be pretty balanced. The sound that comes out of these cans is smooth. The highs extend well, but aren't piercing. I can't say anything about the HD595 though, as I haven't heard it.

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Actually the HD598 has the smother sound signature from what I've read.  Here's an article from Mike at Headfonia on the new HD500 series-http://www.headfonia.com/old-and-new-hd555-hd558-hd598/

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I have my 598s paired with a good tube amp and they sound nice and warm just like how you like it. And the soundstage is incredible. They sound terrific with or without the amp and harshness is not a problem, I have actually never heard that before.  For me (and for everything else I read) the mids are forward and sound great.


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I've owned both and my opinion is that 598 is superior than the 595 in almost every way. 


The 598 sounds warmer than the 595; the mids are also smoother( however upper mids is pretty forward/pronounced) IMO. 598's highs sound more smooth than 595, but it still retains the signature Sennheiser laid-back highs. 


The only complaint I have is the price. 598 is at $200 and 595 is around $100 used. 598 sounds great for a $200 headphone, but I'd prefer it to be in the $160-180 range.


I don't know if it's just me, but the 595 sounds like crap (unless you do the soundstage/bass mod).

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Originally Posted by FearSC549 View Post

The only complaint I have is the price. 598 is at $200 and 595 is around $100 used. 598 sounds great for a $200 headphone, but I'd prefer it to be in the $160-180 range.





J&R regularly sells them for $180 if you call and match.

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Are the more laid back mids in the 598 noticible to a headphone noob? The forward uppermids in the 598 do worry me. 


Bigger soundstage, warmer, less ear piercing mids and more bass do sound very tempting on the 598. But more upfront and piercing highs are a disadvantage to me.

I don’t really understand how the 598 can have more smooth highs than the 595 and also be more upfront and more penetrating.

Does the 598 get dirty fast?

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That question is what makes the HD598 a special headphone.  What's interesting with this headphone is its brighter(not overly so) than the HD595 and yet is smoother and less piercing(maybe a bit strong).  The mids on the HD598 are not quite as forward as the HD595's which is one reason why it sounds smoother.  I'd say piercing is a trait you won't have to worry about with HD598.  As for the color attracting dirt, I'm not a fan of the color scheme, but I'm sure proper care should ensure a clean headphone.

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Hmm, you guys convinced me to buy the 598 over the 595.

I tried the 595 on today and they are comfortable. I read there is some difference between the comfort of both headphones though. I hope the 598 will do good with my taste in music and movies.

Does the larger soundstage in the 598 create a wider bass and more of an airy sound?

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The HD598' large soundstage contributes to it's overall "airiness" if that makes sense.  Though, that same large soundstage can at the same time, diminish a headphone's capacity for a thumpy bass(though that i not always the case).  The bass response of the HD598 should work well with almost any genre.

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