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My Sennheiser's arrived and I'm listening them though he headphone out of my DAC. I couldn't be more pleased with the sound and can't wait for the WA2 to arrive and then I'll be even more pleased!
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This could be the perfect tube amp for my HD800 and HE-500

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Found a couple of pleased WA2 users running their JVC HP-DX1000's from the WA2





JVC HP-DX1000 info (Click to show)



Type: Airtightness dynamic type 
Unit diameter: Phi 50mm 
Playback frequency zone: 4hz - 30,000Hz 
Rated impedance: 64 Ohms 
Output overpressure value: 102dB/1mW 
Maximum permissible input: 1,500mW (IEC standard) 
Cord/code: Wrapping (7n-OFC) 3.5m and phi 6.3mm24 gold plating stereo standard plug attaching 
Mass: 380g 






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I'll copy/paste from another thread:



DX1000 sounds GREAT paired with WA2


(I'm selling my DX1000, sale is pending, since I rarely get a chance to listen to music at home, and when I do, I prefer T1. But for rock music and also a lot of reggae and soul music, I prefer DX1000. Just can't afford to have this kind of luxury lying around unused...)


WA2 controls DX1000 really well. And the soundstage is just amazing:-)"

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Another closed headphone that work very well with the WA2 is Beyerdynamic Manufaktur DT770 600ohm. I had a DT880 vintage 600 ohm as well, but I thought the DT770 was better with WA2. Though I must say Beyerdynamics new line is a step up in overall sound quality over the DT-series. I'm now using T1 as my favourite with WA2 along with Senn D650.


Anyone have WA2 and ER4S? If yes, try and plug them in. A very special combination. I love it.

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