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More goodies!


I just started re-listening to some of my music, as well as some new music on my receiver, an old 1970's (old for me anyways :P) Sony SQR-6750 being fed by my computer SC using my winamp WASAPI output plugin and I think I've just hit a plateau as far as what my little headphones can give me in SQ.


I have to say the little dj interface was a rather ok choice for the cans, but its nothing in comparison to what the receiver does. This is simply amazing. And I don't think its just the fact that its a receiver, the age of it seems to have helped, I could swear I was listening to a tube amp, or something in the circuitry is doing its job right.



...tentatively plan for another meet-up in November?


Agreed here!

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Just want to say good luck to all of you that brought their ballot to the Planet of Sound store for today's draw. biggrin.gif
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I spoke with the shop manager at Planet of Sound and the draw went to a head-fi member who wasn't at the meet (Edward), I forget his head-fi profile name. Edward is a friend of mine and has been a member here for a few months at least so there was no funny business in that respect. Plus, he has actually purchased speakers and an integrated Teac unit from the store so I guess that is fair. I hope he will loan me the amp so I can give it a listen. Anyway, sorry folks, but there could be only one winner, but we all had an equal shot at the amp. A huge thank you again to Planet of Sound for their extreme generosity and giving us all a shot at such a nice prize. Congratulations to Edward.

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Congratulation Edward and thank you to Planet of Sound. My visit to the store may have got me hook on Analog turntable. It would be nice to get Edward impression on the Slee Novo amp.

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When I was in the store dropping off my ballot the staff indicated that they thought the traffic generated by the draw was very good compared to previous efforts so that is encouraging. I'm glad to hear that you might purchase from the store Simon. Speaking as a customer I can assure you that they take care of you. My brother has been back into turntables for several years now and when I had a few listening sessions at his place I was fully impressed. There is that special warmth and richness from a turntable that is always pleasing. Plus they look amazing!! My brother made his own cleaning system with great results as we had many albums from the 80s when LPs were the only way to go.

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Hi guys!


Have been a lurker on head-fi for a while and just recently have become more active.  Too bad I didn't see this thread back at meet time.  Any plans for another?  I'd definitely be interested!  I'm fairly new to the headphone game and still developing my preferences.  Prefer headphones but have a bunch of iems as well.  I'm only using an E11, and digizoid ZO2 for amping right now but am in the market for something with more juice to give my DT880 600Ohms a fair try before deciding whether to keep them or not.  I'm definitely a fan of some of the grados.  Had the 325is but found them a little bright at least with my sources.  Had a 225is(preferred them although it wasn't an A/B-had already sold the 325 by then) that I just got rid of as well because I got a pair of HF-1 that were stealing the show.  Have some HE-5LE that are tentatively sold and also K701(really like them),ATH-50s, TMA-1 and some of the bargain sets: Samson SR850, Monoprice 8323, and Panasonic RP-HTF600s.  This week I have some GS1000i AND HD600 on the way after which I'm planning to narrow down to two or three keepers and selling off the others.  Anyway, would be very interested if another meet materializes or would even consider informal meet-ups with individual members as well!




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Hi guys,


Anyone interested in getting together to try out some equipment?


Currently I have an HD600, DT880 600, Pimeta V1, Fiio E11. Would be interested in checking out some other gear or headphones from people in the area.

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I'm really keen to have a play and listen to the Fiio X5. Any idea where this can be done in Ottawa?? Does anyone in the neighbourhood have one?

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