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So here are some of the pictures I took they are in no particular order. also my camera is really picky about lighting so some came out blurry. as for the meet I think it was a great success was really fun meeting all of you and hearing some new headphones :).






























so those are the pictures I got took a while to upload lol.


can't beleive I forgot to get a good picture of the magnum grados :( maybe next time.


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I'm also uploading to imgur for a nicer album layout to look at but it keeps giving me errors


well finally worked here it is



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wow so sad i missed it. really wanted to try T1!

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Thanks Mark for letting me listen to the 880s.


I ended up purchasing them online last night.


This morning saw that JDS has the pre-order for the ODAC standalone and purchased that.


Still waiting for my BH Crack that I already ordered.


Now...waiting for everything to come!


Looking forward to listen!



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Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed the night.


I agree it was a great success and we should do it again in 6 months, that should give us some time to get some new equipment and music.


I like the idea of sharing the music we listen to; I would be interested in knowing  the top songs or albums that we enjoy.



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I've got a big box of CD's in my basement that just get bigger. I buy CD's, FLAC them and they go in the box. redface.gif. Exchange place only give about $2 each. If people are interested we could share a list of albums for possible share.
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I only have about 12 CD`s left as I sold my collection of thousands when I thought 128kbps mp3`s were the best thing ever mad.gif


Needless to say, I have started from scratch with rebuilding a music collection in flac...... I would be happy to share my 12 however dt880smile.png

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Thanks for posting the pictures Stephane, really nice to see them. Dave, I think you'll really be happy with the 880s. I am quite fond of mine and was surprised how they still held their own even against the T1. That said, I didn't get as much time listening to the T1 as I would need to really form an opinion about them. Maybe I'll be able to get a loaner set for a day so I can really audition them. I also love the idea of doing a music share/swap/selling. Simon, I would be very interested in some Jazz and ambient music so for sure we should talk about that. I have about 120 CD of my own and I could loan them for those who want to FLAC them. Anyway, nice to meet you all and let's see if we can't do this again sooner than later.



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And Dave, not sure what amplification you use, but there is certainly some excellent synergy between the 880s (600ohm version) and the Schiit Valhalla, but I suspect any OTL design amp that was decent would also harmonize well. Have you seen the documentary on Rush yet? I'm sure you have, but if not I really suggest you do. Same for anybody who is a Rush fan. Cheers.



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Hey Mark,


Thanks again.  I have a Bottlehead Crack on order which I will attempt to build to use with the DT880s.  I hope it should pair well.


As for the Rush doc, yes I have seen it.  It was interesting to hear their stories growing up.  Can't wait for the new album!


Take care...Dave

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Hmm yeah that Rush doc was great. Music is fantastic and the stories are pretty cool, specially Neil Pert the drummer, quite an ordeal he went through!


Anyways I say sometime this summer we have a get-together and do a CD-SWAP haha I already have all my stuff digitized so you all might as well copy what I have.


Good news! I'll be getting a Little Dot MK3 shortly!

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so do we wanna tentatively plan for another meet-up in November?

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I'd love to expand my digital music library as for cd's I don't have a very large collection and I tend to use them all the time but I can surely lend them to somebody if they would like to flac them.


also congrats Dave on the new gear hope it treats you well


and congrats thecanedbeing on the soon to be yours Little Dot MK3.


as for me I'm looking at possibly getting a pair of HE-6 and maybe even the EF-6 further down the line but I have to fund that purchase first !

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Originally Posted by thecannedbeing View Post

... Good news! I'll be getting a Little Dot MK3 shortly!


While I've never heard it, I think it's a terrific looking amp. Congrats.
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Hey Guys,


I'm in Ottawa too. I must admit I haven't been an active member due to school. Hopefully I can be more involved this summer.

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