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Hey I'm from ottawa also


Currently doing computer engineering at algonquin college

the gear I have is the hifiman he-4 and ef-5 amp pretty new to the whole headphone scene.

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Nice, it looks like we have a good little group starting to come together. I am thinking about a meet sometime after exams are over in April that way the students can have some guilt free time. I'm totally open to any suggestions so feel free to make suggestions anyone. My name is Mark.

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I'm in Ottawa, for a few more months at least. I'd be up for a meet if it happens before we move. Can't do anything during days (family commitments) but most later evenings and weekends could work for me.

I hadn't seen this thread because I never look in this particular forum, but Twinster was nice enough to send me a heads up. Lovely idea.


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The Ottawa Public Library seems to have pretty reasonable rates for meeting rooms - 4 hours for $25.
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Sounds like we have a place! :)

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Before I start making inquiries, are we talking a evening if possible, or a weekend day?

What can everyone do.... actually what can't everyone do (easier)?
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Just came across this thread, I'm from Ottawa as well. West end, Champlain Park area near Tunney's Pasture.


Great idea, count me in.



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Weekdays would not be good for me as I work Mon-Fri. However, evenings or on weekends would be fine. I suppose with enough notice I could take a work day off if that was when it would be best for the majority of you.


Nice to see twinster referring people to the thread. I've actually already met with him a few times. He sold me my lovely pair of Senn HD650.

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Hi Justin and everybody following this thread. So it appears there is enough interest in the met that we can almost assure it will go ahead. I think if we target days after April 24 then any students should be free and clear of exams. I have set up an account at and once I have the options I will set up an online poll and e-mail everybody in the group the link. You just answer the questions I will post and then we will have the voting for what works best for everybody.


I guess what we need at this point is for:


(A) anybody who hasn't sent me an e-mail outside of head-fi to kindly do so as it will be easier to communicate that way. I think there are about two people here I have no e-mail for so hopefully that changes.


(B) could you let me know in this thread any dates times around April 24th that will not work for you at all.


(C) send me through this thread any dates and times around April 24th that you think would work best for you


After that I can ask Pudu to see what times and days the library facility he is thinking about is available. Once I have all this information I can set-up the poll, we can all vote and then hopefully finalize a date and time that works for everybody. My brother isn't a member at head-fi, but I'll bet he'll also want to attend as he is an audio nut as well.


Sorry for not having been maintaining the thread here. Life happens as they say. I am really looking forward to meeting everybody and having a killer time. Cheers.



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Wow!  This thread has gotten a good bit busier since I was here last!  I was starting to get worried that there were only two of us in this city.  Glad I was proven wrong.  I'm definitely up for a meet.  Around the 24th works OK for me as well.  I'll be bringing everything in my sig and a computer to run it all with.  I'll try to remember to bring a camera as well.  That seems to be the one thing I always forget.

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Hello Guys,


I should be fine for April 24th also. Count me in.


Cheer's guys!





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If we are thinking the 24th or any mid week evening, the Library might not be the best option. Almost all locations close at 8:30pm. Doesn't likely give us a big enough window between when people can get there and when we'd have to leave.
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I'm sure we could find another venue, maybe a community centre? We would also want to find out if we have access to some tables for people's gear and enough power outlets. What about a legion or arena? I can start making some calls as my classes are over and time is more plentiful now. Anybody who has a suggestion feel free. First I think it might help to get an idea what part of the city would be best, my instincts tell me central as much as possible. Is there anybody in this thread who has any strong aversion to looking for a central venue? Anyway, even if we push this back to the first week in May it wouldn't be a disaster, but keeping to the plan would be good. I am just concerned as a few people who initially expressed interest don't seem to be following the thread, but I don't want to read into that. I'm sure we can get at least 5 or 6 of us together and for me that would be quite worthwhile. Anyway, cheers for now.



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Hey guys, I might have an option for our meet. I work at the Ottawa Hospital and can probably reserve one of the meeting room after hours. So table and chairs would not be a problem. Their should be enough power outlet too but we would have to bring our own extension and power bars.

I would be located at the General campus on Smyth road (501 Smyth road). The only negative is that we would not be able to have alcohol drink and the parking is not free. Their is some free parking at walking distance.

I can probably reserved the room from 19:00 to 23:00 ( 4 hours) or more if people want longer meet. Their is no closing time really.

We can all bring our own brevage and munches. Their is a Tim Horton but I do not know at what time it close at night.

Let me know if that seem ok and I will reserve and provide location detail.


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That sounds just about perfect.

And if anyone gets an attack of tinnitus we're well located.
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