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Monster Beats By Dr.Dre Studio vs V-moda Crossfade LP vs Sennhesier HD428 review . - Page 2

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Originally Posted by NotSoSerious View Post

Good Review, just a thought on improvement.

I think this review could improve a lot if you added isolation into one of the factors as it is a portable headphone review...

It's not necessary, as it is already quite a good review, but I feel it would improve the review a bit...


Also: Instead of writing "first factor" or "second factor" where the number rating shows up, try using "portability" or "Sound Quality" instead, as it might confuse a few. I see you started labeling with something other than "_____ factor" near the end.. 


Great review.


Thank you for the input, will work on it ^^


This review was nearly two years ago, I hope that my future reviews would be better and my English usage would improve aswell.  :D

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I produce electronic music, and I have listened to the beats, and I have the V-moda Crossfade LP. I agree with you mostly, and I feel like the V-moda are a whole lot more balanced then the beats. I don't think they boost the bass that much, it does sound tighter. I hear the highs plenty clear, they have that sort of "magic" that comes with the high frequencies. The mids are good, that's where you get vocal clarity, I think they might be a little less then the Bass, and treble, but are still nicely balanced. I also think that the bass is great, there isn't so much that it's unbalanced, but I feel like I can hear the lowest parts of the lowest sub bass. It sounds controlled and not restrictive of the bass. It's got a 5hz for the lowest response, and most people can't hear below 20hz. The beats I feel changed the sound considerably, they added, and took away frequencies, plus the fact they are made of cheap plastic real made me doubt their quality. That's just my opinion though, also I feel It's worth mentioning that the V-moda Crossfade come with two cables made of Kevlar, the stuff used to make bullet proof vests, so I think they deserve a little bit more on durability. I have never heard the Sennhesiers before though, I have heard from other people they are quite good, I would like to check them out, but I would argue that V-moda deserves a bit more credit for it's durabillity, and for quality of materials, the 3.5mm cable is made of 24k gold. I would think that the gold would be malleable, and wear out, or bend super easy, but it's maintained very sturdy, and gold delivers such a pure sound. It's sometimes used in brass instruments or in brass mouthpieces for that quality. Again it's just my opinion, but I think that V-moda deserves a little bit more credit. Oh, I think another cool factor to have added to this comparison would have Noise Isolation. I think that's an important factor in headphones, especially for DJ-ing, or for those of us who work with audio, or listen to it at home. Great review though!

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Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the sound of the Beats Studio 2.0 to the V moda M100, Bose QC 25, NAD HP50, and the AudioTechnica M50 on pop, electronica, r&b, and hip hop, etc.
I did head to head comparisons between them all.
The Beats, to me, shockingly, simply sound more alive, dynamic, and fun than the others. I used to disregard the Beats when I saw them in stores, laughed at them, and refused to even try them out.
They really get me into the music sometimes, get me head bobbing, playing air guitar, and even dancing sometimes. Loads of fun, and I'm 47 years old!
My step son wanted a pair of the latest Beats Studios for Christmas, cause all his friends had them, and he had heard them and loved the sound.
I laughed and told my wife they were a waste of money, and over priced garbage, but we bought them for him anyway cause he had his heart set on them, and Best Buy had them reduced by $100.00.
I listened to them, and was literally blown away.
I actually wound up buying another pair, at Amazon for myself! Lol.
They also had them reduced by $100.00.
The V Moda does rock, is built great, and has powerful bass, and good mids, but the highs sound very rolled off on top, and lack sparkle and air to my ears.
The AudioTechnica M50 sound great, but I cannot get over a certain recession in the mids, and a slight metallic signature somewhere in the highs that can get annoying at times.
The Bose QC 25 sound good, but the bass sounds somewhat wooly, and they lack somewhat in dynamics and ultimate clarity.
The NAD HP 50 is probably the overall best balanced of the bunch, and has the best imaging, but to my own ears they are lacking in ultimate dynamics, especially in the bass, and can sound somewhat dark and somewhat rolled off in the top end.
I do prefer my HD 600/650 and vintage Beyerdynamic DT990's to them all, but I still like the Beats better than any of the other 3 that I originally named above, especially on portable devices, but they also sound surprisingly impressive with my Marantz CD6004 cd player and HeadAmp GS-1 amp as well!
My wife actually likes the sound of the Beats better than all of the above, even the Sennheisers and Beyers. Lol.
Call me crazy if you want.
Just my opinion.
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The V-Moda Crossfade LP over-the-ear headphones are the result of an over 4-year effort to provide music enthusiasts with quality sound, unbeatable durability and a style all their own.

I use these at work all day.
They do a great job of blocking out all the noise around me (perfect in an open office space) and the sound is fantastic.
They are also very comfortable. I hardly know I have them on. (And they look really slick, too.)
They are pretty hefty though, and the case is nice and sturdy but big, so plan accordingly if you're planning to travel with them.
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