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€60 IEMs to replace PL50s

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Hi, recently my Soundmagic PL50s are acting up and I'm looking to replace them, I have a budget of about €60 and I mainly listen to pop, rock and alot of podcasts. Sound quality isn't the most important thing to me because I listen to podcasts alot more than music, but comfort and sound isolation are important to me. I was thinking of buying either the

Meelectronics M11+ or just buying another pair of PL50s, and I'm just wondering if anyone has other suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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Dunu Tridents
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Thanks for the suggestion I will check them out :)

And some additional info: I will be using these to listen to movies on my laptop also, and I find the stock Large Foam tips the most comfortable on my PL50s.

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MEelectronic A151 is supposedly a great upgrade from PL50, i would also be interested in your broken PL50's...
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what did you like about the pl50 and what would like changed?

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I liked how they were very comfortable mainly, I thought the isolation was decent but not quite good enough. The sound quality was definitely good enough for me. To be honest maybe I should just buy them again but I'd like a change. Still leaning towards the M11+

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check my suggestion out, theres a review in the review section at the bottom of the page now. What are you going to do with your broken PL50?
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I'm returning them to amazon, they told me they would give me a full refund if I send them back. I was looking at the a151s but I cant find them under €60 when including delivery and they look to be similar to the M11+ but with better sound quality, which isn't that important to me as comfort and sound isolation. Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

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Now I'm also looking at the Sony EX510s

Does anyone have experience with these? Are they comfortable? Do they have good isolation? Thanks

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From the amazon review "Good sound but not my choice for noise isolation", so guess not :)

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the M11+ in comparison is massivly bassy to the the pl50 and most things.


what about the hf5?

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try out the jvc hafx67.  Extremely cheap but sound quite good and comfy.  

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The HF5s are a bit out of my price range but they look very good so maybe I should save up, the JVCs seem to not have good isolation so I don't think they are for me but thanks for the suggestion :)

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