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Well i have to agree with you there, complete flat bass flat mids flat highs natural uncoloured and plane jane.


With the dt48 it puts all of this stength into the mids and steps out regarding revealing the source.

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Pioneer Monitor 10, K240 DF, K500, HD250 II, CD900 ST, DT48S but in short: try more headphones before becoming a fanboy. 

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Well if you have crappy room shape and can't play music little louder whenever you want they are not expensive, but if you have those conditions and still playing with headphones you are spending too much time on headfi hehe. Obviously  I am a speaker lover trapped in headphones :)

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Do you think expensive headphones priced at $100 up worth it? Is there a marginal or lot of difference between sennheiser hd 518 and sennheiser hd 800? What is the price limit after which an average guy won't notice any difference in sound quality?


Edit:I have made some changes in my budget as I got to now its not worth comparing cheap cans with high-end headphones.


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imho, it depends on the person... logically.. if the person doesn't really need a high quality sound going in their ear and can settle for just being able to head bob to music then it's not worth investing that much money... personally I think it's more of a hobby rather than a necessity... an unnecessary expenditure... but which I am also a victim of since I stay at home a lot, and I like being able to feel that I am listening to something that's worth my time so quality does maybe play a factor rather than sitting in a room listening to cheap earbuds... the second part really sounds sad right... so I guess I am investing in more expensive equipment in order to make myself feel better... Most people don't really care about quality, as long as the music is there they are happy... they don't even know what audiophile means... I think this market is more targetted for professional people who need monitoring/reference equipment in order to produce sound and for people who like to stay at home enjoying music... I am from the latter... and all in all I think it is a good hobby... which I partly regret spending on sometimes... You don't need it... but... it's nice to have. personally in my first purchase (sr60) it isn't that expensive, but I couldn't really tell the difference from normal priced equipment... but I kept convincing myself that what I am wearing is giving me sound quality...

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