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WTB: Alessandro Ms2i's

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello fellow Head-fier's. As a young audio enthusiast with reasonable experience with headphones, I feel the need to move up the scale a bit. The audio store I work at holds many brands and I've had the privilege to try out many headphones such as the whole grado line, as well as sennheiser hd600, hd650, hd25-1 ii and the hd800, and so on. I absolutely love the grado headphones, they are truly unique and very colorful , but maybe just slightly too much for my tastes at times. (the 325i's, which interested me the most, are a bit too forward with certain music). This is what led me to Alessandro's, I've never had the chance to demo them, but they are tweaked grado phones with a slightly more neutral frequency response. I'm looking for a fun headphone that can also be reasonably analytical and work with more genres, rather than excelling in a couple. It seems the ms2i's would be a great choice. Otherwise, I am opened to recommendations! P.S: Mids and detailing are more important to me than bass frequencies.


I am looking to pay between 225-300.