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Best Headphones for me

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Hi evreyone! My name is Juan Carlos, i am from Costa Rica and i am 15 years old! I am looking for a good set of headphones for under 400 dollars or maybe 500...I am interested in two particular brands, Grado Labs and AKG.


I like to listen to Rock like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith...and i want really good headphones for listening to that!


Tell me what is the best option for me...




btw, sorry if my english is bad haha...

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I've only had experience with the SR60i's, but I can tell you they would be amazing for that. 

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Go Grado SR325i


No amp needed.

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And what do you guys think about the AKG K 702 headphones?


How big are the Grados sr325i, i mean the cups, it is because i want big headphones :)

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I've heard grados are great for rock so the grado camp may be what you are looking for. I use Denon AH-D 5000s and I find them to do rock quite nicely.

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Originally Posted by JuCaSoMu View Post

And what do you guys think about the AKG K 702 headphones?


How big are the Grados sr325i, i mean the cups, it is because i want big headphones :)



K701/702 have excellent mids/highs and good bass extension. They have a huge sound stage. Artificially huge. There's also a fog, or smoke, between you and the sound. It's due to that huge sound stage. Things are so spaced out. It can make music sound off because of that. They're very comfortable and look awesome though. Excellent headphone if you have a powerful amp, to really bring them to life. But again, you have to live with the sound that you're a few tables away from the source, not front row seat.


The Grado will probably be the better headphone for sound for you, with no amp requirement. They're not huge headphones. But you can get big cup pads that will go around your ears and be more comfortable that way. They're less comfortable to wear than the K701/702's to me. But again, I think the sound is a lot more forward and energetic at the cost of a more normal open-air sound stage.


I'd go Grado.


Or you can skip both and just get an SRH940 and you're set.


Very best,

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For the AKG's if i get them i will probably buy a portable headphone amp, which one should i get in this case.


I am liking the Grado's, what i still dont like about them is the size, they look like they are really small...do you know the size of one of those cups of a Grado headphone like the sr325i?

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Another thing, can you put  the cups from a Grado Ps1000 or GS1000 on a SR325is?? if you can, are they going to look well?? if they look good i will stop searching and get the Grados with the big cups...

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The Grado are your best bet if you want to use it as portable cans and RS1i or SR325i are highely recommended. The SR325i are not small and they are as big as to cover the ears and Grado huge bowls pads can buy separate. There are also few other really nice cans under this price range but some of them need powerful AMPs help like Sony MDR-SA5000, ATH-W5000, Sennheiser HD600, HD650, DT990(600 Ohm), Pro 2900 and Denon D5000.

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The grados aren't big headphones, in fact I would consider them to be on ear rather than over ear (I have big ears, but it all depends on which pads you choose). I would say they are NOT portable, simply because they have a 10 ft cable and also because they are open, which means you will hear everyone, and everyone will hear your music (if you use them in quiet areas they are not bad, but the outside noise heavily influences your listening with open headphones) If you would like something portable I recommend some closed cans.

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The G-Cushions (completely surround the ear) fit all Grados.  This is the SR-325is with them, they are an open back headphone so you hear outside sounds and they hear you, a little bit.  No amp required.  After a year of ownership, I still like them a lot.  That's a J Money headband but I found little difference between it and the stock one.


SR-325is w/ G-Cushions

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Thank you all of you!! And bbophead, thanks for the picture! that was what i was looking for!! That picture really convinced me on getting the grados sr325is with the G Cushions...


I know that the grados are open back headphones, but how much the sound leaks out from the headphone, can it be compared with an iPod earphone??


Thanks Again!

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Something else, do they come with the adaptor of the cable for listening to an iPod?

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I'd get the SR-325i's and send them in for the Magnum mod, you also need them to terminate the wire into 3.5 mm to work with your phone, and get the g-cush pads. they do leak a lot of sound, comparable to a phone speaker, but it's worth it.
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