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Should i go with Lyr, Vahalla, Soha II, Jade audio, mung fa... What are your choice and why?


Would a total SS discrete headphone amp be interesting like


Of course one day ill step up to csp-2 but for now I'm looking for the best comfortable headphone amp pair and from my read, re cabled with light cable T1+ good tube amp is a very good pair with no real problem.


Of course if HE-6, LCD2 would be better in some ways on SQ. I would choose between those two if their weight would be acceptable. I even think its dangerous for neck injuries in my opinion. Ergonomics gear is very important for me and they really should rethink their design and find ways to give a product of the same quality in the 300-350g range max.. Even this is heavy in my opinion..


Also, sound leakage of that magnitude is unacceptable for me.


No wonder there so much used sale of those on headfi..


When you pay that much for a pair of headphone, they need to be at least acceptable on all level. Weight, comfort, ear pressure and sound leakage included...


Anyway I need help

can anybody confirm or not that review of the DT48 vs T1


- Spot on tonal balance, with no frequency emphasis over the all range. Great continuity and subjective linearity. Better than HD800 in this respect (no tilted highs).
- Total absence of distortion even at high volumes, leading to a very clean sound and perfectly focused imaging. Instrument separation is trully amazing with each instruments perfectly identified in its spatial position. Total absence of blurring. Quite impressive. Returning to the DT48A feels like congested haha. The first time I ever experience that. And I never thought I would write that !

- Timbrical accuracy is simply pure audiofool crap. The voicing of this headphone is simply way off. Nothing sounds like real life. Highs feels metallic (cymbals, violins), with a continuous impression of artificial metallic sound (tzing tzing). Even voices are rendered with a clear touch of metallic presences, appearing colder and harder than what they should. I really have no clue to what is causing that. Internal material used maybe (high rigidity plastic, etc...). Forget about the true blue sound. What a shame when we both know Beyer can perfectly do it. But I guess selling is the main point and Beyer did sacrifice true sound for a more attractive and impressive "hifi" sound.
- Low end is lacking clearly texture and microdynamic. Good presence and linearity, extends well, but lacks refinement. Feels like a subwoofer not properly set up. Listening to a double bass with the T1 is frustrating... It is sucked out of its life and seem to play just a handfull of notes and variations. Really disappointing. I'll pick the DT48 shy bass response any day over this.
- Details is fair and above average but nothing to write about. Lacks the ultimate sense of space in recordings and reverbs of studio, or even subtle variations and texture of instruments (microdynamic ?)... Maybe because it is an open design and will inherently offer less low level details than a good closed headphone. But I feel there is something lacking in the low resolution level, just as if engineers have focused more on the big picture (lack of distorsion, play loud without blurring) of the music rather than small nuances in it.

- Soundstage is not very wide in the center with many instruments packed together but extends a lot as you move further from the center I guess due to the inclination of the drivers. Good depth but the soundstage feels stretched from right to left. A bit difficult to adujst mentally to the overall picture, as it feels acoustic dimensions are not well preserved. But I guess this is something you can get used to in the long run. On the other side, within its limitations, the T1 is able to convey the different dimensions of recordings wether they are intimate recording with very close up mics or large scale orchestra which appear pushed back further on the scene. Not a true chameleon like DT48 is this respect, less coherent image, but still more faithfull than many headphones I have tried (including the HD800).

So overall impressions are not overwhelming... Quite a disappointment in fact. Beyer had the opportunity to combine the strengths of the DT48 (low level details, timbrical accuracy) with the strengths of the T1 (absence of distortion, precision in imaging), and could have hit a home run. But no, they preferred listening to their marketing department.

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