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I'm looking for a durable pair IEMs with a decent warranty. I got a pair of Image S4s that I'm happy with, but the more I read about Klispch and their janky warranty the more I want to bail out. I'm going to take the Image S4 back tomorrow. I've tried Brainwavz M2 but there where some severe popping in the headphones when I moved around, it almost felt like an electric shock. So those are being sent back too.


My price point is $70 at the very max, I won't go over $70 because I will destroy the phones eventually I treat them right, but I work in landscaping and they will have a rough life.


If all else fails I'll re-order the M2's, but the fitment wasn't very good in the ear (it didn't stay in as well as the Image S4s do).


I could also, possibly, be sold on a pair of on ears, that have similar performance to the M2 or S4.


Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.