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How much did you want for them?

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Originally Posted by jeremy205100 View Post

I had a cabling issue with mine too. I still had 3 months left in the warranty so I got a replacement. I would try contacting them and asking if they'll give you one. On the apple store website it has a 3 star review because everyone has one earbud stop working due to cabling defects. So it seems like it's a well known issue. I am interested in knowing how they respond so please keep us updated.


I've contacted B&W via their Facebook page, someone from their customer service team did email me. Sent them come pictures etc. However because they are 7 month outside the warranty they are unwilling to provide me with a replacement pair. Little disappointed, but I can understand. I'm sure if they were only a month or so, I'm sure they would have replaced them. 

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Please help me,i want to buy a pair of IEM and i wonder witch of these should i buy?

1.Band & Olufsen H3

2.Bowers & Wilkins C5

3.Sony XBA-3


Or if you have other options(i want them to be confortable and to stay in my ears and to be powerful)

Thamk you!

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Power = C5; Comfort = XBA-3.  If you go for the C5, then Comply Foam Tips is a must.

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I agree with the need for the Comply foam tips. I just couldn't find the right fit with the supplied ones. 

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