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Originally Posted by calipilot227 View Post

The DT990 is a whole step above the M50. They're nothing like the Sony XB-series, where the bass overpowers the mids and highs.

exactly I agree they may have to much bass for classical. but not to much for rock... unless you like anemic sounding rock [or your listening to bad recordings OR ect... ect...]


Still I like them and I for the first time today eq'd the bass dwn [well I went from +6 to like +3 so not "down" but less of a boost than b4]


But yea the dt 990s are very nice EDM cans. Great tigh bass, nice sub bass, good clear highs [I eq' the treble up a little] and they still have some nice mid warmth [I also eq that up ironically] either way they are a great can. I like them with rock although not as much as the dt 880


so at the end of the day they are my EDM can. Enough bass to be enjoyed but not SO much that I drown in it like with my xbs. An best of all voices are WARM so vocal edm is enjoyable now [unlike the xb 700 which destroys vocals] 

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Originally Posted by NotSoSerious View Post

I know you haven't been on for 2 months, but when you do log in again, will you have the M-Audio Q40 review ready?

Dying for it.



The Q40 seems to a bit too bulky coming from IEM's... I think I will go for something like the Pro700MK2's instead...

Unless they are THAT good, that the bulkyness would be worth the sound.



GAH! The pro700mk2's are supposedly not suitable for anything but DJ's... Especially with my (trans) portable needs, coming from IEM's...


I am tempted to just blow everything off on LP Crossfades.. This audiophile business is quite hard...

So what do you think of the pro700mk2's? what do you mean

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The Shure SRH750DJ cans are the most uncomfortable cans I've ever tried on! And the bass did not impress me, unless they have to be burned in before they really pound, but I didn't care to wait and find out.

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You should consider putting the Sony Pulse Elite headset on your list. The bass impact feature is pretty awesome to me. I think they are some really fun cans. And the bass is adjustable so you can get it right for each individual song. And you can snatch them up for around $115 online.

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Still a newbie and I only own/am currently using Superlux HD 681 Evos with a Fiio E10 amp and I must say the bass is really quite powerful especially with the Fiio's bass boost. Enough that the head phones rumble my ears quite a bit. And these didn't make it here (they only cost $30). Wonder how the bass on any of these sound like. (Not easily available here) :)

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Originally Posted by calipilot227 View Post

I echo your opinions on the DT770. I heard them recently at a meet, and they're really not the boom-cannons they're made out to be. I heard lots of nice, tight, powerful impact.
got a pair of 80 ohm dtt770 pros this week and i also thought people exagerate about their bass quantity. They have very nice and forward low end but from what i recall of the ath m50s they are very similar in terms of sound signature....

Noww that i had the ath m50, the hd25 and the dt770 pro imo opinion i think that i can say that there are people who exagerate when comparing the 3 and they almost describe them as being completely different at times.... The sound signature on the 3 is very very similar, its just a question of a tiny bit more/less bass quantity, tighter looser bass, more natura vs unnatural highs and the mids are all very close... Maybe the m50 as less mids, the dt770comes next and the hd25 imo opinion as the better mids but once again this are very subtle things....

Oh and soundstage is also of course better on the beyers.....
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