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Clash Of the Titans. R10 vs. Leatherhead vs. HP1 vs. RS1 vs. HD650/600 - Page 4

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How about Ultrasone edition 7?Anyone heard those yet?
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Originally posted by cadobhuk
How about Ultrasone edition 7?Anyone heard those yet?
Dr. Meier's review: http://headwize2.powerpill.org/ubb/s...=6484&fdays=20

I don't know of anyone else here who's heard it. I'd like to hear more impressions though.
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Great review and very illuminating.

i really appreciated your assessment and preference for wanting headphones to sound like speakers. i share this preference.

i imagine that one shares or disagrees with this goal based on what their past experiences with live music and speakers are, and also whether headphones are their primary system.

while i am not a soundstaging fanatic (i value most midrange purity and transparency), i've always appreciated the illusion that a good speaker based rig can create of a live musical event. My Maggie based setup does just that...the speakers disappear and their is a performance or venue right in front of me.

i digress: you made the comment that you wouldn't be upgrading your 600s for the 650s, but think the 650 is worth it for a first time buyer. can you elaborate? the cost differential between the two is ~$100. would this extra $100 be better spent on the amp driving the phones?

i'm currently in the market for a set of open style phones to use at work with my ipod and occasionally at home on my big rig (i am a 99% speaker user at home). i usually have Etymotics 4s for travel with my ipod (256 AAC tracks). so this purchase, along with an amp, would be to serve my work needs playing less than full resolution (although i do sometimes encode a few albums in AIFF/WAV).

if my budget is $600, am i better off buying the 600s (for now 275 since prices went back up!) + a $350 Perreaux amp *or* buying the 650s ($375) and a $225-250 amp?

thanks for your thoughts.
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Thanks for the review! Tuberoller, you are making a great service to the community with your reviews. I enjoyed reading it although not agreeing with all on the headphones I have heard. I understand your points better after your additional comments. I especially appreciate the unexpected result of the test and that you have the guts to go against the mainstream.

When reading the review I considered that I made a mistake when I sold my HD600 but after some years of use I might have been overfed with them and exaggerated their limitations (this was with the Clou cable). Thinking about buying a pair for a more relaxed enjoyment, wouldn't the Equinox cable be the best match for that?
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Tuberoller, excellent review. I'd love to be able to write that well. It's fascinating to read such an experienced listener as yourself offering such opinions. I'll guess I'll stick with my much loved HD600's for the time being. I wonder how long we will have to wait until the next model in the series hits the market? Am I correct in stating the HD600's were introduced in 1996? Seven years prior to the HD650? Anyone tell me when the HD580's first came into production?
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Awesome review Tuberoller, I only wish you had listened to the HP's with a MicroZOTL to know your impressions on that combo (maybe you have before, since you have had HP's for a long time).
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Very nice, detailed review.
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Re: L3000 Rebuttal

Originally posted by agile_one
I could not DISAGREE more! I am right now listening to L3000's fresh out of the box with no break in at all, and they have extreme detail, fast and accurate bass, and are revealing stuff from Patricia Barber (Nightclub) and Rickie Lee Jones (Pop Pop) I have not heard before. Besides the detail and quality bass, I'm hearing a nice, big soundstage, approaching the R10's, which are the best I've heard in that respect. All this with a humble old pre 2001 MAX.

Anyway, great review, as always, but I think you missed the mark on the Leatherheads.
totally agree~
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Thanks a million for the awesome review! This is the type of post that makes Head-Fi a must for all of us. I surely envy your good fortune as I'd love to audition all these great cans and equipment myself.

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Confused about the R10

So the R10 is breathtaking, but the bass is not quite realistic? The highs are not the best in the headphone world. OK then what phones have the bass realistic and get the highs right? Is there one phone that does those two things right? Is it the soundstage that makes the R10 so remarkable and as I have heard "this is how far you can take a headphone".

I would think that the headphone that is closest to a great pair of speakers would be the winner.
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You bring up some good points dolifant. For some people, the R 10s have the best treble, for some its not the best. Everyone has a different idea as to what they want the treble to sound like. It's the same thing with the base and everything else. The R 10s seem to have a huge upside in that they show more potential as they are matched with better amps, source ect... Even headphones that sound most like speakers may not be winners to everone. Everything just depends on what each individual has in mind for what is the best sound. Luckily, there is headfi for us to explore the multitude of options and make us spend all of our money figureing out the sound that is magical to us.
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