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Melting into your music

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I'm sure most people have had that experience with a nice setup, and the right track, where everything melts away and the music takes over, obviously its a very relaxing experience, so I assume a relaxing setup is also needed, Does anyone here have a relaxing setup purely for relaxing listening?

Sorry if this thread has been covered, its not something I found easy to search for.

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Yep, I just put on my headphones and take off my pants.

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I find it's the music that is relaxing, not the setup.


If I want to relax, kick back, and just melt into music, putting on something extremely detailed, crazy and flashy that is energetic and aggressive is not going to relax me. Putting on some acoustic or some jazz on the other hand will.


Very best,

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Any setup can bring you to this state of mind, in my experience is more about the music and your own ability to be open and receive joy.



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For me, it's not just the music but the headphone and amp too. With some headphones I just find it too hard to want to review them and sit there and over-analyze them. With some headphones I love them so much and they're so engaging that I could care less about their detail, lack of detail or how clear the sound is. Often when I listen to a headphone that I'm reviewing I'll just sit there and forget I'm supposed to be doing a review! I just get too engrossed into the music I'm listening to.


The K501 is like this for me. It's not technically as good as the K702, but I could care less. Less detailed, less clear (maybe) and has less treble, but with such good mids, who the heck cares?


It kind of has a relaxed sound, but still quite engaging. I could probably listen to them for 5 hours or even fall asleep with them on my head. I love a headphone that seems to get everything right based on your own preferences. I don't know why but it seems this is rare. So far out of the dozens I've tried it's only been the HD-598, DJ100 and now the K501. K501 is closer to my perfect headphone though. Only took me about forever to find it. DJ100 isn't a good headphone to relax with since it's a tad too aggressive at times, but depends on the music. HD-598 and K501 are far better for relaxing. Another one that would be great is the HD-600 I think.


BTW you know a headphone is good for this when it makes you stop buying other headphones or wonder why you always bothered with getting so many in the first place.



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Originally Posted by matthewh133 View Post

Yep, I just put on my headphones and take off my pants.

Headphones being optional... blink.gif


Seriously though, lights out, in bed, phones on, good playlist cued up = Nirvana.


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True, music will always be the most important part of the experience. Regardless, headphones (evidently) play a more significant role for me than they do for others.

Of course, I'm going to relax when I listen to slow jazz, and I'm going to feel the adrenaline rush when I listen to most breakbeats. What about something that trudges in the gray part of the spectrum? "Man with the Red Face" by Mark Knight & Funkagenda, "Lights" (Bassnectar remix) by Ellie Goulding, and countless others evoke different responses depending on the headphones I use. With the HD598, I find these melodic tunes lulling me to a tranquil rest; with the D2000, I feel my body gradually ready itself to dash to the nearest dance studio (well, after I take off the D2000).


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I think what obzilla said might have alot to do with this, thats my favourite way to listen to music, requires comfy headphones
I can relax to just about anything, I listen to alot of metal, so i can easily fall asleep listening to it

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