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Starting 2 or 2.1 channel setup help

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Hi, I know there have been a few threads about just getting started in the audio world, but I had my own specific issue I can't seem to get over.


Before I start, I should mention I'm simply in my bedroom looking to get a good 2 channel (or 2.1) setup for mostly music (FLAC and 320kbps), and some gaming, that wont break my very small budget (<$100)


I have an old pair of Polk Audio satellites that are meant to add onto a home theater system (to make a 5.1 or 7.1) that I was planning to use for a starter 2 channel setup with either a DTA-1 amp or a used AV-receiver off craigslist. From what I've read, however, that wouldn't be a very good starting setup sound-wise. It's either new bookshelf speakers and an amp, or receiver, but then I'm stuck not knowing which source to get, I'm in a pickle!


So basically I have three questions that I come to you guys with:


1. What is the best source to use? I had a few options on craigslist, a vintage STR-7045 from Sony or an onkyo TX-sr302, or just a simple t-amp: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?PartNumber=310-300 (all range from $20-45)


2. How should I go about getting my speakers? I only have barely $75 to spend so I figured either:

-the Dayton speakers http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-652 ($35)


-my Polk audio surround satellites http://www.crutchfield.com/S-wkWNh3rvKhK/p_107RM2350B/Polk-Audio-RM2350-Black.html (free but I have no idea how they sound as I can't test them)


3. I'm just throwing this in here, but in the event that I did go with the 2 channel amp, how would I go about adding in a sub woofer? I'm a bit of a bass head and I'm sure eventually I'll want to add one once I have the money.


I apologize if my thread is all over the place. I appreciate any help you guys can provide, thanks!


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Sorry for the quick bump, just wanted to add I saw this arrive on craigslist: http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/ele/2545055802.html


I know Yamaha seems to be great with their guitar and amp niche, what do you guys think of this? I don't know if it's considered a HT-in-a-box system, but reviews (although old) say the receiver is good for what it is.

Again, this is coming from someone who knows literally nothing about what he is doing, so go easy on me.


The reviews: http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/a-v-receivers/yamaha/htr-5240/prd_124253_2718crx.aspx

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1500+ viewers and not a single reply... I see why people lurk here more than post. But i'll still give it a chance.



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I actually own  a Lepai 2020 but unlike your Polks i have a higher end Monitor series Polk which are still generally regarded as highly musical though long out of production but i would say looking at your situation  - if this is strictly near field/PC audio then the Lepai would serve you well but if you have a larger room or thinking 5.1 options later the craiglist used AVR would be better. Either way if unsure grab a Lepai/AVR some speaker wire and connect your Polks and have a listen? If you dun fancy them then those Dayton would be fine for a starter set of bookshelfs or fish for vintage/golden oldie bookshelf used or perhaps a Polk M30II which could pop up used on the cheap?

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Thank you for the reply! Reading back what I posted I just realized what a rough day I've had, I apologize for the triple post, but anywho--

I like the used AVR idea, as it is cheaper than the Lepai amp (assuming it works of course), but I doubt I'll ever be looking into a 5.1 setup as I really only listen to music on my computer, and any gaming is complemented by my KSC-75 or SR60i's (ah I'm just an entry level kid!)


I just didn't know how I would manage 2 bookshelves and a sub woofer powered by the little Lepai. Or would I just use an independant sub plugged into the center channel of my sound card?

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Well that Yamaha deal looks like a set HT and those either come with passive sub, sucky speakers or both so you could end up not using any cept the receiver and in that case $75 isn't cheap at all hehe However since the seller did not state model of speakers/sub perhaps you may ask and it could be a diamond in the rough kindda deal tongue_smile.gif You could run high level input from the Lepai or any stereo amp to most/any active sub via speaker wire If said amp/receiver has sub pre out then that as well


Hmm here is a HK-35 for $25


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Very nice trog, I was just looking at that one then checked my thread haha! I have that or a Denon DRA30 to look at, the denon is 60 however so no money for the dayton speakers, ill probably go with the HK as it is right in my area and a good deal (seems to be), ill let you know how it all works out!

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Yep - and also since u not planning 5.1 or lung busting loud i would also rather pump into better speakers in your case tongue_smile.gif Wish u sucess in this little audio project beerchug.gif

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I vote for Dayton t-amp + Dayton speakers you mentioned in your post.

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Well receivers have been coming and going on CL. I can't for the life of me pick what I should get, there is a HUUUUUUUGE market of these things, all ranging from 1995-2000. Are there certain brands I should be looking for, or should I just bite the bullet and hope for the best since no receiver is made the same?


I'm lowering my expectations since I realize due to the small amount of money I have it wont sound amazing, but this is just for starters (and to get rid of those crappy PC speakers) I did, however, plug my speakers into my dads receiver (older Onkyo) to at least listen to them and I have to say I'm no audiophile but the difference is night and day. The only drawback is I wont have a sub anytime soon and these satellites are more of a mid-range to high type of speaker.


There are so many brands though, Pioneer, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, Denon, Onkyo, JVC, Teac, Technics, etc. I read a few reviews stating that the HK 35 isn't good for music, but then again I guess it's a listen for yourself kind of thing.


Can anyone steer me in the right direction?

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Sometimes it is a synergy between amps vs speakers as well but yes audition if possible and hit a combo that sounds to your liking if possible hehe Also good to hear at least u got to take those speakers out on a spin with your Dad's AVR and hear em out tongue_smile.gif

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trog, you have been very kind and helpful to me regarding my project, I really appreciate it.
I found a onkyo tx-8511 for $60 considering I already like my polks through my dads onkyo I think I might go ahead and pick it up. What do you think?

Again thanks for your help.smily_headphones1.gif
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Well it's a rather beefy 100w/chn stereo amp and viewed favourably for music 






and for $60 (peeps spend astronomically more and still walk away unhappy with sound someetimes) it's small money if you are happy with the sound hehe Yep u are welcomed L3000.gif

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Sounds good!
Only downside I see is no sub preout frown.gif

Hmm there's also the newer Sherwood receiver for 50 used. Which one would be better?
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One could always feed sub from stereo amp via high level input with speaker wire so not a biggie wink_face.gif

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