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The Portable BASS kings..The Pioneer HDJ500 vs AKG 518 LE vs The first look at the new AT WS55 Solid Bass - Page 28

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I was wondering if it's more worth the money to get the ws55 rather than the sj55?

I want a headphone with good bass...

I mostly listen to hiphop and techno/dance/electronic music

I don't really listen to rock as much...as I used to

Nothing over $110 or $120 lol

I travel a lot...but I'm more concerned about comfort in this case...

I have a pretty small head and small ears if that helps lol...


I appreciate any comments or suggestions about the ws55 and the sj55

But if there is another brand out there that fits my needs better than these two

My mind is open



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These will fit very comfy for you. Isolation is good on these. Great for your music genres. Look into a WS55. Called solid bass for a reason. I can't comment on the SJ55. I am sure those will sound good too but I know WS55 sound fantastic so my choice would be one of these.

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Thank you very much for your input on the ws55.  I was also looking into getting the ws55i but apparently the sellers are from Japan.  I'm still debating whether I should just buy and wait for them to get in the mail.  I'm going on a trip next week and I don't think the ws55 will arrive on time.  It does bug me a bit though that I can't fold the ear pads in unlike the sj55.  


Do you (or anyone else) think that the ws55 or the sj55 is comparable to Beats Mixr? I know a lot of people here are not in favor of beats...and I do believe that they are overpriced....but if you don't take the price into consideration, are they even any good?

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The only beats I sampled was at a best buy. The WS55 is what I consider a proper sounding headphone meaning these have everything you need to actually enjoy your music and not just all about the bass. If you want just bass cannons the beats do a good job but the problem comes when you listen to more than just bass music. Rock for example..Even though the WS55 is called solid bass the tuning on them are proper and sound great with all music not just bass heavy ones. You have to consider that. You can get those beats, use them for your trip and return them to get a WS55 later if you need a headphone right a way.

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I see...how would the ws55 compare to the pioneer HDJ 500k?

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im not fond with the ws55.. they pretty much sound like a beats studio/HSA popo to me. only cheaper. everything i hear is bass. ymmv though!


edit: the ws55 i heard is prolly more than 100 hours of burn in time, if anyone will mention it

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A little something I did that seems to help a bit with comfort.....stuffed some cotton inside the ear pads. 




Given the notable clamp that the WS55's have, the stock earpads compress a bit too easily and completely.....the little bit of extra padding keeps them raised up a little bit more. I can't honestly say if there is any difference in sound, because I hadn't used them in a little while.(no point using your best headphones when you're battling an ear infection and your hearing in one ear is going in and out)

But I added the padding  the other day, sensing that I was almost ready to bring the WS55's back into play, and I've had a delightful time this evening with my Sony A867-->LOD-->FiiO E11.(E11 on flat setting, and mild EQ tweak on Sony).  atsmile.gif

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would it be wrong if I went with the ath sj55?

I do know that the ws55 would be the better choice but the sj55 really fits my need of portability.

I'm mainly going to use it when I travel or when I decide to use it to study in school...as I already use a sennheiser at home...

But thank you for your replies on the ws55 :)

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i am struggled to choose between WS55 or K518LE.
i mostly listen to Pop/Rock/Heavy Metal/Punk music.
i also consider about comfort too.
Which one is better?
I appreciate you guys opinion on these headphones.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english since english is not my mother language.
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The WS55 are and upgrade to the AKGs. But if you can get an AKG 518 for cheap they will do just fine.

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rThank you very much for your opinion on these headphones! biggrin.gif
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How would you compare the sound of the WS55 to the M-50's? Or the ES-7's?

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Never had the ES-7 but to me these have a overall better sound vs the M50s. The M50s are showing their age. WS55 has a better balanced sound and to me highs are much more natural sounding on the WS55 vs the M50 which use ATs old house sound tuning. Exaggerated highs.

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Ok cool, are there any full-sized cans you would recommend that sound similar to the ws55? Possibly with a slightly larger bass emphasis?

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Here you go.  http://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-770-PRO-80-ohms/product-reviews/B0016MNAAI/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1


Also look into a HFI-580.. DJ-1 ultrasone cans. I believe Amazon has the HFI-580s for $120 which is a great deal for one.

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