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Help deciding on a headphone

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Futureshop (retail store) is currently having a sale (click here) on some head phones and IEM's. I am in desperate need of a headphone because recently I bought a Digital Piano (Yamaha P155) and the stock speakers are just plain crap. I was thinking of investing on KRK monitors but decided to go the headphone route for now.


I am looking for a headphone that is well suited for classical music on piano (my DP uses samples from an acoustic grand). So I guess mids are more important. I need something that can be comfortable for slightly big ears and has a 1/4' attachment. A decent soundstage mi


I also need a pair of IEM's. Something with slightly good lows and some highs (want to listen to classical orchestral music). It has to be comfortable in the ear for at least an hour. Soung stage is important too (again playing orchestral music). Anything on there sound good? All fit my price range except the $200 above ones.


Thanks in advanced!



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Maybe the ImageOne's?


I use SRH940's with my digial piano (yamaha portable grand NP-30, nothing special). I used to use my HD580's and/or DT990's for that. But I really enjoy the forward mids and energy of the SRH940 for piano. But that's just me. I assume you're only buying from FutureShop because of the half-off deal (only on those select headphones, unfortunately).


Very best,

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Thanks for the reply. I'm going for the half off because I'm assuming some of the higher end ones are now cheaper so it fits my price range. But it looks like the one your introduced isn't all that bad. How do these compare of with Sennheiser HD 558? I read a few reviews and they seem to favor acoustic music.

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So I've decided to grab the HD 558's. Since this is mostly for my DP use, I doubt I need something that's outstanding in all fields. It seems the mids on the 558's are great so that's good. Now I need help deciding on IEM's. Anything with good soundstage, decent lows and relatively good highs?

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