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New Guy Needing Some Help Picking The Right Headphones

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Ok guys I'm new to the audiophile world,and am getting kind of lost,so finally drummed up the courage to post a newb thread. So my main goal out of a high end headphone is gaming/music. I have been through just about every "gaming" headset that is out (much to the dismay of best buy) and ended up returning all of them. I just am not happy with any of them, the quality of sound is so awful. They are either way to bassy (muddy),or not clear at all. Anyway I have finally learned items with "gaming in them are 9/10 times rip offs.


So my friends think im insane,I think i may be more picky(audiophile) than them. So I have started looking in to the audiophile grade headphone,clip on mic option to suit my picky sound nature. I have heard that you can only improve gaming sound to a certian extent,and that spending money on a very high end headphone is a waste,I may be off base,but I tend not to belive that. I'm differant in the way I game than most,I go for very immersive,instead of competition (placement). So basically I prefer the home theater experiance with my gaming.


Music is pretty straight foward: Alt Rock,Classic Rock,Metal,wel basically anything with a guitar,listen to all sub genres of metal/rock HUGE library,anyway I also am a huge fane of techno (trance mainly,with some I would call be just techno i'm not sure of the sub genres in techno.


So my usage would probably break down: Music: 60%,Gaming: 30%,Movies 10%. My goal is to find a do all set (for right now). With a bugdet of 200.00


I have a ton of  reading,and while I know heaphones are like food ( some love broccoli,some hate it) I just need some help getting the right food on my plate.


Right now Im am leaning heavily towards the Audio Technica M50,I have looked at the D700,and it seems to bass light for my application,I have looked at D9000 (not Sure).


I have looked at the Beyerdynamics DT770 Pro 80 Ohm,they seem a lil bass heavy. I have also looked at the multiple versions of sennheiser,they also seem to bass light.


I'm not a basshead by any stretch,I like it punchy and there when it's needed,but not overshadowing. Oh and i will be running this 90% of the time on my PC powered by Asus Xonar D1/DX. Maybe 10% on my Evo. Closed is going to be my Headphone of choice, my GF is doing online school,and I would rather not get hit in the back of the head,and told to turn it down.


Thanks for any replies,and sorry for the long post,this quest for sound dominance is becoming a real passion!

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That means we need relatively low impedance headphones that are sensitive. Even though the Xonar you have can power headphones nicely, you'll still want it a little easy to drive so you can get a lot out of them. Sounds like you want a neutral headphone with some forward mids maybe. I'm going to point you towards Sennheiser HD598, BeyerDynamic DT880, AKG K701, Ultrasone 2400, Grado SR225, and Shure SRH940. Some of these would need to be used to fit into your budget. Some of these are not easy to drive from a Xonar necessarily (even though you'll hear them doesn't mean they're getting as much power as they need/want). Check out the for sale forum. It's the best way to get the most headphone for your money when you're starting out.


Very best,

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I would recommend the following:

  • Grado SR225
  • Shure SRH840
  • Audio Technica M50


My personal opinion would be to go with the M50, especially since you are just getting into higher-end headphones. These will become a standard for all other headphones.


*** Edit *** just checked my email and got a newletter from SonicElectronix. They are offering the M50 for 20% off with their back to school sale. I think you just use the coupon code "B2School20".


However, those Grados are some amazing cans. I would choose the M50 over the Grados because of the closed design. When i game with headphones, i dont want everyone else to hear it (hence why i put on headphones instead of playing through the 7.1 system). The SR225 has incredible sound quality, but the open design will let others listen with you


The Shures are nice, pro headphones. I'd at least consider them.

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Superlux HD-668B and a Zalman microphone, total should be under $70, including tax and shipping.

The HD-668Bs are semi-open. but not enough that someone else in the same room would be bothered by the sound.

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Just wanted to thank user sowilde for that coupon on the AT M50's got em for 138.33 total as far as the OP can't really help as I'm a noob myself at this been using Sennheiser HD 203's the best 30 dollar headphones on earth I would say though I mostly listen to bands like Tool, Sabbath, some rap and play PS3 will AT M50's be good for me? I use foobar with FLAC files on PC with a av output from a sound system plugged into the PC headphone jack. 

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Originally Posted by D6BOTOB View Post

Just wanted to thank user sowilde for that coupon on the AT M50's got em for 138.33 total

NP. Just spreading the headphone love lol atsmile.gif


plus... im a sucker for good deals... my wallet hates it but my ears love it.

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I'm not sure what headphones for gaming and music fit in your budget. Those DT770 80ohm Pros should drive fine, get a decent volume, from your soundcard and they should be wonderful for gaming because of that bass heavy-ness to them. It can have fairly detailed bass. The problem is, they simply SUCK for your music genres. I listened to those same genres with those same cans before my musical tastes changed, and they just weren't fun to listen to. The bass takes over the mids almost completely and the vocals don't sound very realistic. Then again, great for gaming IMO.


Since music is 60%, the Sennheiser HD650s (NOT 600s) should be fine for your genres because they have more bass than the 600s (the previous model), and it is very detailed IMHO, and they are known to be a good all rounder. Very detailed cans, good to hear the strumming of the guitar strings, breaths etc. They are a bit out of your budget ($300-$400 being highest, $338 on ebay from Sonic Sense, good seller, where I got mine refurb) but they should be something to save up for. I have absolutely no clue how they would perform in gaming at all though.


If you still want to try the Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm Pros, PM me as I have some on warranty repair that I will sell for maybe $170. The left got louder than the right, known issue with these headphones and somewhat most Beyer headphones in general. I don't know if I will get the same pair back fixed, a new in box one, let alone when I will get anything back at all. Just PM me so I don't forget, I'll leave it marked as unread, and I'll let you know when I've got em!

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Hi there. I'm kind of a returning audiophile... After years away raising kids and so on. Musical tastes these days center around acoustic, organic, roots, Americana types of things. Leon Redbone -> Stan Kenton -> Puppini Sisters -> Gillian Welch maybe. I'm kind of fixated on DT880s at the moment though I could be persuaded elsewhere. My real question has to do with this ohm thing. I see the Beyers come in 32, 250, 250 pro, and 600ohm. As I understand it, the higher the ohms, greater the need for an amp. But how is sound impacted. Is the 32ohm Dt800 a whole different beast than the 600ohm version?
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Guess I posted this in the wrong place or as a reply to a previous message or something? Should I repost or can a admin help me out with a move?

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