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HD 600 stock cable

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Waddup dudes,


Are the hd 600 stock cables configured as a 4 conductor cable or a 3 conductor with y splitter for ground? I'm trying to terminate the 3.5mm plug to a 4 pin XLR male plug for my amplifier. 



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Anyone knows????? thanksssss

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The Stock Cable is a 4-conductor (2 for each channel with separate ground) design. You can easily reterminate to an XLR, but the advantage will be minimal. I suggest a Custom Cable for your Balanced Operation needs.


EDIT-you can also build a quick XLR to TRS female adapter to use between the HD600 and your amp. This way, you won't have to touch your original cable. The Cardas HPSC plugs for the HD6xx series are a bit expensive (about $25 or so last time I bought them) but are well made, and paired with a nice cable, you can build a nice custom cable for less than 1/4th of the price of the same thing from the Custom cable vendors.

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Ignore that recommendation!  You DO NOT want to use any sort of adapter that would short the reverse polarity channels of a balanced amplifier together!


Yes, the original cable is a four conductor cable.  Since there's absolutely no audible difference between competent cables that's actually a result of the cables themselves rather than psychological phenomenon, you should be fine sticking with the stock cable.  You may want to consider picking up an HD 650 cable though, just so that you have one each of unbalanced/balanced cables.  The HD 650 cable is much cheaper, and thicker/sturdier to boot.


I actually have three cables myself for my HD 600 - the stock cable reterminated at 5 feet length for portable use, an HD 650 cable stock for home use, and an HD 650 cable reterminated with a Highrose plug for balanced use with my iBasso PB1.

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ok thanks guys! yea i know using a adapter won't help you go balanced. im trying to go balanced but im quite confused as to whether i should upgrade my cable to custom made ones or balanced stock ones. anyone know the difference? :)

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