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$60 or less headphones

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So, I purchased the JVC HARX900 headphones, and while I found their sound to be satisfying, they were too big for my small build, so they gave me head and neck pain... I also can't use them on the bus because they're huge... I'm in the process of returning them...


I'm looking for headphones in the $60 or less range that can be used on the bus, etc. and have a sound similar in quality to the JVC HARX900... in-ear monitors cause my ears to produce a lot of ear wax, so those are out of the question...


So far, all I've found are

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I just found, too

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You might want to try out the Koss-UR40 which is under 60 and deliever great treble along with solid bass but not as much or same sounding as the Sony XB-500 which i also own. Their forte is treble. They are both masters of comfort and have great isolation from outside noise: 



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Oh and make sure to get the Koss UR40 version with titanium drivers which is the latest design and more bass heavy then the just as great sounding original.

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Right off the top of my head is the AKG K430. Pretty dang good for the price on eBay, $40!


Short Review: 


Koss PortaPros? Very high reputation here, but it's open from what I heard. So. . .not your type (due to the bus travels).


Superlux! They are cheap, heck high reputation around head-fi and! That they are light and circumaural (goes around the ear). 


Goodluck! :3




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I tried the Sony XB500, lots of mushy bass and other sounds I did not find appealing.

I'll second Superlux, my HD-668Bs are now my number 1, they are "semi-open".

Open enough so you can still hear what is going on around you, but you can still hear your music,

but most people around you will not really hear your music.

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By far superlux. maybe the HD681s. I've heard good things about them from a friend :)

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akg 450sakg 450.jpgkoss-portapro.jpgkoss porta pro

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The Superlux 661B and the Sony XB500 are also huge. The AKG HAS650 is quite compact and closed. It is around $40. The AKG K430 at around $40 also looks interesting. These compact headphones don't isolate so well though. For decent isolation, you need a large headphone with strong clamping force, or an IEM.

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