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HI All,


Luxman has long been a player in the high end audio market and in recent years have played hard in the headphone amp market. The P1u is an outstanding solid state headphone amplifier and is considered by many to be one of the best.


Now Luxman has done it again with a new DAC/Headphone amplifier called the DA-200 ($2790). The DA-200 is a mighty impressive unit that not only has a very fine DAC but also a class A headphone amplifier. It can also operate as a great desktop preamp and has both digital and analog inputs. Read more about it on our website here






Also new from Luxman - their first turntable in 28 years. This is a great new turntable and one that will please even the most picky audiophile and vinyl junkie! The PD-171 ($6190) is a complete turntable/tonearm combo. Just add your favorite cartridge and kick back and listen. Read more here




Also coming soon - a new version of the SQ-N100 - which will now be called the SQ-N10 ($2490) and includes the new Luxman D-100r iPod/Touch/iPhone metal docking station with a 24/96 on-board DAC. It also includes one additional input more than the older version to accommodate the dock. The same great sound as before as well as the same great headphone amp but now with the docking station and a metal remote control. Pre order yours here!




Also look for new integrated amplifiers - the L-550Ax ($5390) and L-590Ax ($10490).


All available products soon. Pre order yours now at TTVJ and get in line for some great new gear from Luxman!