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Got my DT880s

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I got my DT880s a couple days ago and setup my old Yamaha to drive them.  While its not the best synergy, it doesn't seem to have any trouble with the 600 ohms.  My first impression was, "Wow, bright!"  But after a few hours of usage, they seem to have settled a bit and are much more tollerable.  I'm sure more break-in time and a tube amp will help (planning on a DarkVoice 336SE).  I'm going to reserve a review until I'm sure I'm keeping them, though, and have a proper setup.  The only real problem I'm having is that after about 30 minutes, there is a spot under my ears/behind my jaw that starts to bother me.  I'm hoping its just a new headband/break-in thing and I won't have to send them back due to it.


About the sound...now that its less bright than when I pulled it out of the box, I'm discovering just how much better they are than my AD700s.  The ADs made everything sound like it was coming from far away (and somehow missing something and I'm not talking about the complete lack of bass), the DTs sound extremely realistic and detailed.  I am coming to the conclusion, though, that they won't be the all-around headphone I was hoping for.  I think they will replace the AD700 for classical and acoustic, and will work well for gaming and movies.  But I'll eventually want to get something with more color for rock and maybe jazz (haven't tried these with jazz, yet).


For now I'm fine listening to rock and jazz using loudspeakers...I prefer the energy that speakers and a sub bring anyway.  But looking down the road, whats a good complement to the DT880s for rock.  DT990?  M50?


Anyway, thanks for reading a somewhat rambling post.  Assuming I keep these, I'll put up a review in a few weeks when I've got an amp setup and had some real listening time.


Oh, on a side note, this hobby has prompted me to start learning to play the piano.  For now I got a video series, but will find a teacher if I get far enough along.  Considering I have access to a piano, it seemed like a wasted opportunity to not at least try.



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I'm migrating away from the DT990 to Denon D2000s.  So far I'm liking that.  I think if you keep listening to the DT880s and find out what you really want in the headphones, you'll get a good sense of what to upgrade/sidegrade to next.


DT990 just made the AD700s sound unnatural, I assume the DT880s do the same thing.

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How do DT990s compare to DT880s? People still hail the 880s as one of the Big 3, but that confuses me as they have a direct older brother...any insight?

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JMoney pads for the DT880. Get them. Now.  Tames the brightness, bumps the bass a bit, expands the sounstage and makes them my favorite fullsize can I've ever listened to.. well maybe tied with the ESW10JPN, but way more comfortable. 

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If you want an aggressive headphone for rock, the Grado SR225 or the SRH940 would be excellent choices.


The DT880 is a good neutral headphone. The DT990 is a bassier version of it with recessed mids and forward bright highs.


Let the DT880's break in, don't make up your mind in one day. They're probably tight on your head where they're gripping with those big cups. So spread them over an arm chair or something to stretch them out when you're not wearing them, to loosen them up. Also, before you spend $200+ on another headphone just for rock, get out the equalizer. Spike your mids a bit and come back and tell us what you think.


Very best,

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