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Thanks to this thread I am the happy owner of an upgraded Ipod 5g (early 2006 version) with a 64gb compact flash ssd! 


I used the following hardware:

1. Dogix 64gb cf card 133x

2. Micro SATA cables- CF Card 1.8 inch ZIF Adapter for Ipod


There is a bundle for both items on Amazon for about 55 dollars.


Installation was simple and it worked flawlessly. I don't need lots of storage as I'm okay with swapping files if needs be. The ipod is significantly lighter now, which will be nice when bundling it with my Fiio e07k for portable use. Oh, and I went ahead and installed Rockbox while I was at it...


This is my first posting on the Head-fi forums; just thought I would share my experience.


Thanks again to all who have contributed to this great thread. 

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Welcome to the forum, gld3gld3! Congrats on your upgrade of the 5g. You got a great deal and it's well worth it. Enjoy.

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Originally Posted by Crashtack View Post

Torne from the RB team has my iPod and is working on the issue. I'm waiting with fingers crossed as well.



It's good to know that the CF to SD adapters work with a 256gb card though...I guess...lol

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Hi all,

I have to admit I've driven myself into a bit of state with this...


Basically have a 5.5g that I really want to mod with a 128GB SSD following the HDD going ****-up (probably a Super Talent since the cheaper KingSpec may not be a 100% reliable) the additional issue is that it's GOT to work with Rockbox but I keep reading that people have had issues following the iTunes/iPod restore followed by the Rockbox installation.


I've been following this thread for months and re-read virtually the whole thread (and numerous other sites) about SSD modding  of iPods and still can't find a definitive report of a 100% successful mod (although that might be down to word blindness after having trawled through so many messages).


I really can't afford to get this wrong (money is very tight right now but I'm Jonesin' for some Rockbox'ed iPod FLAC action).


Can anyone confirm success with this set-up or point me to somewhere where someone has done it? Any alternative SSD brands that are working well with Rockbox?


Many thanks for any help guys.

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I have an iPod 5g with SuperTalent ZT2 128gb SSD and it runs Rockbox fine.

The differences between the 5g and 5.5g are irrelevant to this mod.
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That's great news. It's just a shame that the SuperTalent drives are more than a third more expensive than, for example,  the Kingspec drives here in the UK frown.gif I guess you get what you pay for but you've at least given me a tangible ray of hope.



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^ it's normal i think...even flash drive, micro sd, compact flash, all memory based product suffers the same.





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No expert by any stretch of the imagination, but could that 15 gig be accounted for by having both the original AND rockbox on there?



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@seetoyou: I can't clarify it for 100% sure... but just look at this picture:




cmstastny put into his Ipod a 256gb mSata SSD. Devide this by 1024^3 and you've got: 238 gb. So here in this example I don't see any problem?


But I can't tell you what will happen with a 480gb SSD... I guess no one tried before :-)

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No matter what the size of the drive, you will always have to deal with the difference between gibibytes and gigabytes in claims of storage capacity.

Are there any 480gb SSDs that have 1.8" form factors and a max. 3.3V power consumption? For the time being 480 GB drives are going to be purely theoretical problems, but I'm keeping an eye out... wink.gif
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I am following this thread for quite some time and I think I'm gonna change my Ipod video also to 256gb mSata soon. Thanks for all the information over here!



But I have an other type of question, I know it's not really the right topic... but to make a new one for just 1 question... so I'll hope you forgive me :)


My question:


I want to buy a cheapass 15" computer monitor. When I'm hobbying in my garage I want to connect my Ipod Video to that screen (VGA) and speakers (jackplug). So that I can hear the music from the speakers, and watch sometimes the monitor for the video images (for instance with a live concert of my favorite music band).


An Ipod to VGA adapter would be the easiest way but according to Apple this type of connector is not gonna work (only Ipod Touch 4th gen, Ipad, Iphone, etc).




But is it possible to use the Ipod to AV tv cable adapter, and then use another adapter to connect the AV tv cable (female) to VGA adapter and plug it into my computer monitor?



Do you have experience with this kind of problem? Or give me some advice..


edit: I can't put the pictures into the forum format? but you can click on the link...

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The Video iPod only plays back video files at 320x240 resolution, so even if you get things working you probably won't like the results. Probably better to get an iPod Touch to use as a portable video device.
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iPod Video outputs video via the headphone jack. What you need is one of those analogue 3.5mm mini-jack to 3x RCA cables. You don't need an Apple cable: others ones will work too; just it won't necessarily be the yellow labelled RCA that will carry the video. Just fiddle around until you get image.

And you can get higher resolution choices by sticking to MPEG-4. A couple of years ago I used to use one of those mini LED-backlit video-projectors with the iPod Video, getting a 1.2m wide image, and it was sharp enough. I didn't keep the mini LED-backlit video-projector because the LED lamp wasn't bright enough; I'll have to check out if they have improved on this issue since on newer models. It did make a cool portable cinema set-up.

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