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Installed the 64gb mSATA drive and I'm getting the same ATA errors with Rockbox, but it works with iTunes iPod OS.


Has anyone else out there been able to get a mSATA drive to work with Rockbox on a 5.5gen? 

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do msatas work

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Did you ever get a 512gb SSD to work in an IPod?  I have a 5.5gen, this would be amazing...

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Originally Posted by aron1014 View Post

Did you ever get a 512gb SSD to work in an IPod?  I have a 5.5gen, this would be amazing...

I am so looking forward to be able to do that!

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This ZIF SSD is roughly $500 for 480GB






Alternatively, you could combine two expensive 256GB SDXC cards with these adapters:







Crucial / Micron "announced" the availability 512GB mSATA SSDs but that still did not materialized yet.


That 480GB option for 500 bucks could be a winner if the iPod were able to recognize drives larger than 256GB.


Other than that, someone with serious cash could also try that 768GB SSD from Retina Macbook Pro with these adapters:





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This ZIF SSD is roughly $500 for 480GB


It is a micro sata interface. Will it work anyway?

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Thanks! now I just have to wait until someone tries this out......

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I checked again and that 480GB SSD turned out to have 16-pin Micro SATA interface.


Here is 512GB Micro SATA SSD for $399




This is an adapter from Micro SATA to ZIF




Most likely an extension cable is needed for everything to fit inside an iPod




Cheaper 200GB HDD for 80 bucks shipped




Recently this used 320GB HDD was sold for $120




Personally I would suggest that we could talk to Rockbox developers who are working on iPod Photo/Video/Classic these days. Then split the costs of ordering a few massive drives online and donate them to someone who is willing to make Rockbox completely working with the appropriate adapter(s) and drive(s) installed.


The question is really what interface(s) we would like to try. Right now the cheapest one should be 320GB HDD with 16-pin Micro SATA interface for less than $200 on eBay. That should allow us to verify that 240GB/256GB barrier could be broken with Rockbox before we go for something as high as 512GB for $399.


Eventually that tiny little mSATA could come with options such as 480GB/512GB/720GB/768GB while prices are falling pretty fast. Now they are still going up to 256GB for under 200 dollars.


For those of us who might have 2.5" SATA SSDs (22-pin with 5V) sitting around, we could actually remove the case and put that smaller 1.8" form factor drive inside an iPod






This is an adapter from 22-pin SATA to 40-pin ZIF but not sure if the voltage were converted from 5V to 3.3V or otherwise




Extension cable should be required




If that adapter above were not handling the voltage properly, another extension cable could be useful but the length is 12"




Those rather special 2.5" options are also limited to 256GB so we could only save money if we were able to get a very nice deal.


Finally my favorite would be that 768GB SSD from Retina MBP for less than $650 now





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I used this zif to mSATA adapter and it fits quite nicely. Because of the orientation of the connector the drive can be popped in and out without having to disconnect the adapter from the ribbon cable. Nothing else is required to mount it other then some antistatic tape to hold it in place and a little foam to fill the gap to the case. 




Here is a link to a short video of some photos of the install.



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so....whose going to the be first one to take the plunge and try a 512GB+ drive? Unfortunately, I'm not much of a risk-taker, so I'll wait until one of you do it first! 

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so this means msata works too?

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So you all look like experts to me, so forgive my questions:

- How do I know if a SSD msata ssd is suitable for my Ipod? So in other words: how many pins? How much volts (3,3?), and are there any other things I should take care about?

- Seeteeyou, your posts are well documented and you help to keep blowing life into this topic, so keep up the good works. But can you give me a list of suitable 256gb SSD's for my Ipod Video? (the cheapest ones) (I want to try the same trick as Crashtack did..., because if it works by him it should work with me too I hope).

And besides a 256gb disk, are there also any other options (bigger)? (but smaller then the 512gb version because $400 is still too expansive for me..)

And the first link refers to a Micron Sata disk, but that isn't per defenition a msata? Micron is the brand in this example,right? But on the other hand it says 1,8".. so how do I know if an disk fits into my Ipod Video case?

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They have different sizes and require different adapters:


  • 16-pin Micro SATA with 1.8" form factor (e.g. 512GB Micron C400 SSD for $399)




  • 50mm / 70mm mSATA (e.g. 256GB Crucial m4 SSD for $199 or less)




None of us tried anything greater than 240GB/256GB yet. There were simply no affordable 1.8" options except a few such as:


  • 300GB Intel SSD 320 Series (16-pin Micro SATA)


  • 480GB OWC Aura Pro (16-pin Micro SATA)


  • 512GB Micron C400 SSD (16-pin Micro SATA)


  • 320GB Toshiba MK3233GSG HDD (16-pin Micro SATA)


Then there were other rare breeds with scary prices:


480GB Solidata N8-480
480GB Princeton 1.8" Lynx² SATA III SSD
512GB Convergent Design 1.8 inch SSD for Gemini 4:4:4
512GB Samsung MZRPA512HMFU


Of course 512GB/768GB SSDs from Retina Macbook Pro with the right adapter(s) are small enough to fit inside an iPod. Their prices in China are quite reasonable already.


So basically we are just waiting for 480GB/512GB to appear next year if nobody were willing to try that 512GB SSD for $399 or Retina MBP options from China.


For now you could check your iPod Video and see if the logic board were 820-1975-A or not:




That came with 64MB of RAM and performance with larger drives should be better. Then you could keep looking for good deals before you actually try things out.


But there is always the possibility that many of us cannot afford anything next year because of the inevitable global financial collapse. I really could not believe how many new products are available by the end of 2012 and that might be a sign of some sort.

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right now iam really frustrated. I bought a ipod classic 6th gen 80gb as defective. The hdd is surely broken. I also bought a Kingspec SSD 128gb (KSD-ZF18.1-128MJ).

The SSD is recognized in the diagnosticmode but on startup i got the red x. Is my purpose even possible or may be anything else broke??? Many thanks and sorry for my bad english ;)

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