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Well I successfully installed a 64GB Sandisk SSD in my 7G IPC a while ago (post here)

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^ Thank you.


So the myth that "nobody has had success in using a SSD in a 7 gen iPod" is busted herein. Apparently, even with the same spec (3.3V +/-5% and ZIF), some SSD work while others don't.


Edit: It would be interesting to list/summarize which 240GB SSDs work in which iPod. A lower capacity (e.g., 128GB) SSD with an exact same model number as a working 240GB SSD would likely work, but not the other way around (i.e., a 240GB SSD may require more power to run than an 128GB SSD).

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Originally Posted by ProSeriesRacing View Post

Well, I tried the KingSpec 128GB KSD-ZF18.6-XXXMS or KSD-ZF18.6-128MS that I got on eBay for $133 in a 60GB 5th gen. not 5.5 and it did not work. I could get it to restore and show 117GB in iTunes but when I tried to copy music to the iPod I was getting "could not read or write" errors so I purchased a 120GB 6th gen. iPod from eBay with a bad hard drive and it worked perfectly. Now I've ordered a CF to ZIF adapter; am going to try that on the 5th gen. to see if that will work. I have been trying a Transcend CF 64GB and 32GB on a 2nd gen. iPod Mini and that is not working; so I ordered a 1st gen. Mini and am waiting for that also. I have read that the Dolgix 64GB CF does work with iPod’s and it's only $59 at Amazon. So if I can get either iPod to work with a CF I will be returning the Transcend because they are twice the price of Dolgix 64GB CF. I will post any updates when I receive the shipments. Thanks for the great info.

For general information for all following this thread I successfully got a 64GB Transcend CF to work with a 80GB 5.5G iPod Video, using Tarkan's ZIF to CF adapter.

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Well my Mach Extreme 120GB SSD arrived today. I went through the whole process of carefully taking apart the iPod, removing the HDD, connecting the SSD, made sure everything was connected correctly again and closed the case.


turned the iPod on an all I am getting is a black screen with the grey apple logo on it and nothing else.....nothing else is happening...not a thing??


Can anybody help with this ? It doesnt seem to want to shut down and when I press play and the select button it switches off for 1 second and then the apple logo reapears.


Im lost

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Erm, not sure any more, but doesn't the SSD need to be formatted to FAT32 or something first?

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Well when you watch the video on the first page of this thread, he doesnt say anything about that...he just takes it out the packaging and connects it to the iPod. I was under the impression it should attempt to start and you then get the sad face thing. you then connect it to iTunes and I thought it would reformat and reinstall itunes.


Does anybody know if the Mach Extreme Technology 120gb SSD needs formatting before connecting to the iPod. when I connected the SSD I had the side of the SSD with the Mach Extreme sticker showing upwards (i assume this is correct) so that the connection is underneath the SSD.


I am flummaxed as to why this is isnt working...I have put the old 80GB HDD back in now and it is working fine again.


Very confused as to why I am just getting the apple logo when I turn on the iPod with the SSD in it.

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Does anybody read or contribute to this thread anymore???

I have asked quite a few questions on this site over the last few weeks with very little response?

Think I may just stick to using the classifieds forum and solve the problems / advice queries myself!!
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^ That may be because nobody has tried your exact combination of SSD and iPod. Like I said a few post above, it depends on your specific combination of SSD and iPod. Spec may look the same/similar for different SSD's, but in reality one SSD works while the other may not.


I searched within this thread using the keyword "Mach" for you. This post is relevant (post #241 on page 17 from Headfier "r100"):






"An update concerning SSDs:


I bought a Mach Xtreme Technology MX-Nano 120GB ZIF SSD two weeks ago for my Classic.

After a lot of trial&error I conclude the following:

-This SSD does NOT work in Classics (tried it on two Classic 80GB's, same ata error in EmCORE)

-Bought an old used Video 30GB, the SSD works fine in this one (like promised in the specifications)


I'm both surprised and disappointed that this drive doesn't (seem to) work in Classics. I was looking forward to put it in the complete aluminium cage from a Classic instead of the partly plastic Video.


Does anyone know what makes the HDD in a Classic and Video different from each other?"




See what I was talking about? The same Mach SSD did not work in iPod Classic, but worked in iPod Video. While ProSeriesRacing (see previous page) had the opposite experience, wherein his Kingspec SSD worked in iPod Classic, but not in iPod Video.

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Hi Guys,


Well I came back to this this morning with a fresh mind and a pair of eyes.


When I looked at this again, along with the video from the first page I noticed I had been making an easy mistake......I was putting the Mach Extreme drive into the iPod the same way the original iPod disc came out (the original iPod has the connection ribbon and pins on the drive facing down. The Mach Extreme drive fits in the opposite way (the pins face upwards towards the back of the ipod).


After correcting this and reinstalling the drive, I turned the iPod on again and hey presto,it asked me to connect to itunes and I was able to reinstall iTunes onto the new Mach Extreme 102Gb SSD. This is now showing 111Gb free space on the drive.


I am in the process of loading rockbox onto this and it seems to be working fine.


I think the moral of this is "More Speed less Haste". 


I know have a 5.5Generation 120Gb SSD iPod.



However do have another question, I have just bought a 5th Generation 30GB iPod and I was wondering whether these will take the old 80Gb drive I have removed?? Does anybody know? this will just be running bog standard itunes as its used in my car, connected via the dock out to my car stereo Auxillary CD input. (this means it can be controlled via the care stereo).

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Congrats on getting the SSD to work after all! One can easily overlook little details like that, especially with ZIF connectors, since clamping is the only thing keeping the ribbon fixed, and not pins into a dock with only one-way fit.

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Originally Posted by pekingduck View Post

[...] I [...] found a 64GB SanDisk ZIF SSD [..].


As you can see in the attached pic, it's only half the size of a normal 1.8 ZIF SSD. [...]


Very interesting! I'd missed this post; a good candidate for DIYmods with internal caps. Do they make larger capacity ones, like 128 or 240GB? I found the 64GB one on eBay, but you might find more things at your end...

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Unfortunately 64GB was (and still is) the biggest I found from Sandisk.


Originally Posted by the wizard of oz View Post

Very interesting! I'd missed this post; a good candidate for DIYmods with internal caps. Do they make larger capacity ones, like 128 or 240GB? I found the 64GB one on eBay, but you might find more things at your end...

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So I've had some partial success with a 128GB mSATA SanDisk drive in my gen 5.5 30GB ipod. iTunes and the iOS on the iPod work but Rockbox didn't.


I used a mSATA to Zif adapter from amazon:



I preformated the drive to FAT32 in Linux to get around Windows 32GB limit for fat32. It was a bit of a pain since the only mSATA connector i had for a PC was in my laptop. After removing my mSATA from the laptop and installing the new one. I booted to a thumb stick USB drive Ubuntu image that i downloaded just for that purpose. 


After installing it in my 5.5g I let iTunes restore the drive and ever thing looked good. I copied an album over, gave it a listen and I was all grins.


Next up I installed Rockbox with no problems, ejected the iPod via the taskbar and rebooted. Rockbox would boot, but then error out. And that's where i am currently. Well actually recovered it with iTunes and re-installed Rockbox a couple of times just to make sure. Currently I have a functioning iPod 5.5g with 119GB capacity. No FLAC support though. 


My next step is to repartition drive slightly smaller (120GB), reformat, and try Rockbox again. Probably won't happen till Monday though.

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@ Crashtack

Welcome and thank you so much for reporting! Excellent first post; clearly you have done all your homework before posting. Your result is very encouraging.

With your SSD, why iPod OS works differently than Rockbox eludes me. The following pages from Rockbox may help (none is exactly what we want, but may contain helpful info here and there; sorry I wish I could be more helpful but I don't think my computer skills are as good as yours):

I read somewhere that a 5.5 gen 30GB may have difficulties in handling big hard drives (I am not sure: but 128GB may be its upper limit due to its small RAM).

If you are ConUSA, you can borrow my 80GB 5.5 gen (Which currently has a 32GB CF) to try. Or maybe you can try a 32GB mSATA SSD, or a patriation of 32GB (not sure about the last though).
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