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Originally Posted by art-bass View Post

Can I use any other adaptor?

This taskan cost more that double in reference to the rest.

Which difference between taskan and the rest of generic adaptors?

Here is what Tarkan said in the comments on his site.

On September 3rd, 2014, Tarkan said:
iFlash-sata uses slightly less power, but more importantly has much better jitter and error rate then the cheaper boards – this translates in to less time retrying due to errors etc.

But the overriding factor in battery life is the mSata drive itself – so my board will not be a massive improvement to the time you get now.
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Originally Posted by davidcotton View Post

Have you tried copying the music over with the drive outside of the ipod, ie via a motherboard or external adapter?  I'll leave it to Dminor and others to chip in but I think they had problems when they had tried to copy over more than 137 or so gig via usb or itunes.  I think it's been discussed fairly recently so try going back a few pages.


Yes, i tried but when it is rockboxed or even formatted with iTunes, the drive won't be recognize when plugged with an external adaptor : Windows or OSX says it need to format. So i'm very interested to understand how some can do that from an external drive or MB ? 

I saw the different issues with copying files. I do not have a disk failure when copying because of the special Y USB/Firewire Cable. I got no error when transfering files. Everything seems to be good but when i reboot the iPod, it is blocked. Some says that iTunes on 5th G can't handle more than 30k files. It seems weird to me and that's what i am trying to know right now, by approching this limit and testing after every load. Other test is copying 10-20 Go on the mounted hard drive, under Rockbox and see if it starts and then going back with 20 more Go, ... and so on. But it's a long way to the top....

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I need your help!!! I got my Tarkan adapter, ( a very professional card) and Samsung 500Gb. All installed and I was loading my Itunes library, about 11K songs, everything was going well when PC went to sleep. Itunes locked up and I had to reboot.

Every since then my Ipod has the X, I can get to the disk mode but nothing else. I've reinstalled everything, but so far no luck.



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Originally Posted by Whippler View Post

Samsung EVO 840... 1TB ;)

A question has risen in my mind... What file systems does the classic / rockbox support. and does it even matter?

The HDD seems to be fat32. But could it be possible to use btrfs/ext4/ext3/ntfs.. ? and if so, how much could it effect on battery life.


Congratulations, I'm jealous! The 1TB is my next step so I've very interested to hear how you get on - good luck with it.


I don't think there's any option to use different file systems, I've certainly never seen it discussed. I think the power consumption of these drives is related to the fundamental technology employed so the file system is unlikely to have a significant effect. 


One thing I am considering is whether I should try to pick to a 60GB 5 gen device for the terrapod mod, rather than the 80GB 5.5 gen that I have lined up for it. It was discussed a while back in this thread that it's possible to load the SSD directly from a PC when used with a 5th gen iPod MB, but not a 5.5 gen. Given the power issues it would be nice to do the initial load externally.

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