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i want to modify my 5th gen ipod video 30gb using ssd 128gb.. if i use the ssd 128 gb which battery capacity i must use..? 580mah or 850mah..?


tx ^^

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You need to use the 580mah because of the back cover, the 850mah one only fits if you have in your iPod one of the "fat" back cover that normally comes with the 80gb iPod. 

Originally Posted by Echoo View Post

i want to modify my 5th gen ipod video 30gb using ssd 128gb.. if i use the ssd 128 gb which battery capacity i must use..? 580mah or 850mah..?


tx ^^

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-6Th gen 160GB fat (1.8" Ce-SATA)


Regarding that particular iPod, I was digging around and found the brands/models:


Toshiba MK1626GCB



Samsung HS161JQ



No love for Rockbox:


Specifically, the 160GB Classic uses a CE-ATA interface for the hard drive. Until someone figures out how it works, that model is out of the loop.




Some details regarding pin assignments:




For potential interface conversions, I only saw this 18-pin CE-ATA to desktop 3.5" 40-pin IDE adapter from China:




18-pin CE-ATA to mini USB from Taiwan:




Finally something interesting below:


Now these drives are popping up in laptops too (LG for example)


In picture #4 (top right) is the closest thing we have found (it's SATA male on the other end)




Original hard drive ribbon cable 821-0546-A here:








Could that be somehow converted to SATA and then once again converted to micro SATA?


By the way, 256GB mSATA SSD should be cheaper than 250 bucks these days:




Another one is only $225.99 at the moment:




Most upgradable iPod models should have 40-pin ZIF so far.


Did anyone brave enough try mSATA to micro SATA and then micro SATA to 40-pin ZIF before?




Physically it could be a bit too long when we connect two converter boards together.


Then the width could be another concern:




For those of us who would like to experiment, here is an 8GB for 20 dollars plus 99 cents for shipping:




FYI - different pin assignments for mini-PCI Express and mSATA as shown below:




Yet another alternative is getting SSDs with 24-pin SATA LIF from the original Macbook Air and convert that directly into 40-pin ZIF:




Roughly a buck per GB these days:




There are other crazier options with 3.3V like 512GB from Sony VAIO Z2 series or Macbook Pro with Retina display:




That SSD from latest Macbook could be converted to 22-pin SATA already:



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Guys just for curiosity, did someone already tested a mod with a double battery build (yes i know it wont fit in the chassis) and had a good ,infinite playtime?

I read -almost- the whole thread but not sure someone did it.By the way nice thread ,i was thinking in waiting the new Itouch (probably launched September), but, at last i realize i don`t need it cause i just worry about music... 


Edit:now i have read it trough it all,and it seems no one did this experiment.the only thing i found is there ,but not with an ipod classic or video 


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Actually, a double battery mod would fit if one went the ZIF to flash card adapter route... Strictly space management talking.

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I saw some pictures here and someone was getting like 70 hours of battery life:



1500mah Sony Li-Polymer battery 325385 like this one was mentioned:




That battery looked similar to something like this:






Another one was even nuttier by adding two additional batteries on top of the existing original battery:




This one was adding Nokia BL-5K battery:



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Thank You!

In those last weeks i was really thinking about to get an DIY imod for myself,i am probably finding the Imod my perfect mp3 player.The only problem is my location..


But at most i am not totally concerned about my own ability to make a proper work, and i will take this train to ask to you most experienced fellow how hard is for we non-expert to install a 240 hdd and eventually the craziness to install an huge battery replacement,if it requires a skilled soldering ability..i am going to make a deeper research ,specially some tutorial.



Edit:i found a lot of threads and tutorials,and , to be honest, i will have to take a lot (but a LOT) of practise ,don`t know if will be able to do it by myself , maybe is time to find someone who can do it for me,at a reasonable deal, Red Wine Audio not for sure !!biggrin.gif



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Originally Posted by Laird View Post

iPod Classic 7g 160 with SuperTalent 256GB SSD: I tried the same combination to no avail.


Tried dropping the raw drive in and got the big red X.

Tried formatting in the PC to FAT32 - still a big red X.


Unit would not enter disk mode in either instance.


I already had a plan for what to do with the SuperTalent drive if things did not work out and turned it into supplemental storage for my tablet.


In the interim, I am going to try the (painfully expensive) 240GB Kevlar drive because:

1) The problem may (or may not) have been with power, and the Kevlar has tighter specs and lower power needs

2) The problem may (or may not) have been with the capacity, since 240gb seems to be an upper limit on the larger units anyway.

    (I had hoped to merely "lose" 16GB and have 240GB usable with the SuperTalent drive).


It will be a while before my wallet recovers from the last experiment, however - so it will be a couple of months before I try this again.

Ok - so I did try again with the Renice K3VLAR drive. No joy. Same results. I'd say that at least the larger SSDs are unlikely to work in the Classic 7G. (Someone else can try the others)


Meanwhile, I modded both of my Classic 7G units with Toshiba MK2431GAH units (Traditional 1.8" PATA ZIF drives) with no issues. Had to switch out the back too, of course.


At least now I can carry around my lossless collection on two units with some room to spare. Sounds great with the Arrow 4G and a set of LiveWires 3-ways.

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Whew, thank you so much for posting that! I was days away from pulling the trigger on the K3E as well...

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Hmm... I just love seeing this DIY stuff here. Reading plenty of links already so basically our future target could be 256GB/512GB/768GB SSD with so-called "low-profile SATA3" interface plus ZIF conversion. Those are taken from Macbook Pro with Retina Display. Obviously a cheaper option while no warranty whatsoever:






More about low-profile SATA3 here:




First of all, I saw some DIY kits here




They should be built last year with SSDs from MBA (Macbook Air) in mind.


Here is a list of flavors available:




It seemed to provide a jumper to toggle between 3.3V and 5V as well:




However, SSDs from MBA would not fit inside an iPod because that would be a bit too long. Let's check them out:











4.1in / 104.14mm


Now what? Simply get the ZHK-2 (NEW with 2 pieces) instead of ZHK-1 (OLD with 1 piece) by placing that diagonally rather than vertically:




Instructions were found here:




What if that MBA version still would not fit? Just go far the brother instead:




64GB chips were arranged on each side of SSD differently so that should be a bit wider in width while being shorter in length.


Of course we've gotta get the SSD somewhere. 2,999 RMB / 470 bucks for 512GB provided by a seller from Beijing:




Then we still have to figure out the ZIF conversion. For now I am just a bit clueless about what to do about that.


There will be two adapters involved but not exactly sure whether such conversions would work or otherwise:






The only I found was an e-mail printed on both circuit boards:






One for MBA and another one for Zenbook from Asus. Pin assignments should be different:




Interestingly we could always give that e-mail address a try. Most likely that should be answered by someone in China. Any fluent Mandarin speakers here who would like to volunteer?


We are shooting for something similar to that ZHK-2 design but it should work for Retina MBP instead. Conversion straight from that low-profile SATA3 to 40-pin ZIF found in iPod. I wonder how much would that particular design cost them.


If that were not costing an arm and a leg, we could consider initiating this Kickstarter project:




That would help plenty of iPod users as well as other owners of DAPs / laptops / UMPCs / MIDs etc. who are still "stuck" with devices that require 1.8" drives with ZIF connectors.


Does it sound silly or what?

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Has anyone tried this SSD? http://www.mydigitaldiscount.com/mx-technology-240gb-1.8-inch-pata-mx-nano-series-zif-ssd/

3.3v almost exact same specs as the toshiba MK1634GAL

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Someone tried that SSD before and it did not work until formatting that properly:






This is the adapter mentioned above:



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Originally Posted by swordguy View Post

I had given some consideration to SDXC, and have posted in another forum to try to figure out if it would be possible to make an ZIF adaptor that would accept 2 cards as one (they make small adaptors that do this with two microSDs so they can fit in a regular SD slot).  Then you could buy the two (cheaper) 128GB cards and have 256GB that way.  Overall, it would be less expensive (but not if we can get these drives at $266).  I thought of this before I found these other drives, and it seems kind of moot now.


There were some products from Taiwan but the interfaces should be SATA / mini PCI-Express as follows:








Something closer to what we want:








Still not sure about the voltage, though.

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^ There was a PhotoFast CR-7200 adapter that takes 4 microSD cards in RIAD0 and coverts to compact flash card pin output. The you can use a Tarkan adapter (CF to 1.8" PATA ZIF) to use in iPod.

The problem is though, I could not find that PhotoFast adapter anymore online. PhotoFast Taiwan still lists that in the product page of their company website.





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Originally Posted by zzffnn View Post

^ There was a PhotoFast CR-7200 adapter that takes 4 microSD cards in RIAD0 and coverts to compact flash card pin output. The you can use a Tarkan adapter (CF to 1.8" PATA ZIF) to use in iPod.

The problem is though, I could not find that PhotoFast adapter anymore online. PhotoFast Taiwan still lists that in the product page of their company website.







Wow, that's some serious looking thing! If it would take SDXC, imagine 4x128GB in RAID0... biggrin.gif

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