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If this group buy happens, the price of a SSD vs HDD is about $60-$100 less for the HDD. The advantages are clear. Their is no moving parts, and I work in a computer repair center at a college, trust me, hard drives go, and any drive of any size will go at random times. Even if you're not very mobile, the SSD has a better likelihood of lasting many years. The other advantage is reports of it speeding up the loading times of songs and it's consistently low amount of power consumption. On a moving platter, the drive needs to spin the drive, then move its arm to the appropriate location, then read the information and then stop the a SSD, electrical signals are sent to the drive to retrieve information at a given location....and it gets directly accessed, no extra power wasted.

Thanks. eBay's 240GB HDD for iPod is around 100USD though, so hdd would save 160, not 100 USD. I perfectly understand the theoretical advantage of SSD. Like I said, SSD is theoretically better. The big question is whether or not SSD sound AUDIBLY better?

Re HDD failure and power consumption. Maybe i am careful enough or just lucky, none of my multiple hdd's has died yet (including the 10 yrs old ones). My iPod also rarely leaves its charger/digital dock, so power consumption of HDD is not a big deal either.

Re Faster transfer rate / song loading speed of SSD vs HDD, I am not sure you will be able to use that advantage. Because once in an iPod, data transfer speed of any drive will be limited by the significantly slower USB interface of iPod, not by said drive's inherent speed limit, correct?

I don't mean to argue.......just need some more persuasion........
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