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Absolute Best Possible Headphones to Use With an iPod?

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Hey, this is my first post to the forums as I am in the market for a new pair of "higher-end" headphones.


I purchased the Bose QC3's last week however ended up returning them immediately and couldn't justify spending $350 for headphones that were just "okay". I like the pronounced bass, but it seems a little artificial and the highs were also very weak.


I'm looking for a new pair of preferably on-ear headphones (however, if the sound quality is really worth it I would buy over-the-ear too). I want to use them as a portable solution and definitely want them to perform well without an amp. I would also prefer a closed-back design, as I am into rap/hip-hop and alternative music. However, I listen to a lot of acoustic music as well, and although open back are typically better for this, I will be living in a college dorm and cannot have that much sound leakage.


I have been looking into a few pair of Sennheisers (such as the HD 518 through 598) but thought the 10 foot long cord might be a little bit of a portability issue. Also, I tried the B&O P5's but didn't find them to have strong enough bass.


Basically, I need a pair of excellent headphones (preferably on-ear closed back) that perform well with my ipod, don't need an amp to excel, and are somewhat portable. I love crisp highs, but also need strong but not overpowering bass. While money is not really an issue, I would prefer to stay under $400. Thanks for the help.

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Would you consider in-ears?

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From my experience, I need an amp for my phones (in-ear and can) to perform the way they were meant to with my ipod.

Unfortunately, I'm not a can guy, so I'm not any help. If/when I become one, I'm going to check out grado and klipsch first. Good luck in your search

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The Ultrasone Pro900 are highely recommended because they offers surround soundstage and crisp high with deep punchy bass. Others are like ES10, ESW10, Z1000, DT1350, T50p and PS400.

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The best possible headphones to use with your iPod is subjective.

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Hey buddy, I'd seriously consider getting a Ultrasone Pro 900 ($350) and a portable Cmoy Amp (fits in a Altoids tin - $30)!


You can't possibly to better with bass and it's pretty portable.



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Already have a pair of earphones that I like and just need a good pair of headphones for my ipod. I would really like to avoid using an amp if possible. I also love the memory foam earpads of the bose qc3's and have been trying to find a better quality headphone with the same type of pads...tried the P5's but they didn't have enough bass for me.

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I'd go the custom route in your situation.. JH5.

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I know I posted in the earphone section, but just wanted to post in multiple forums.


I love the foam pads on the bose on-ears and am trying to find a pair of headphones with similar pads that sound and perform much better. I would be happy to buy a pair of over the ears, however don't want the pads to be too large where they will look stupid on the streets or in public. The things I'm looking for most are a closed back design with powerful bass, but also high enough of a range to make the treble sound lively and not fake.

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You don't say which IPod you have, but given that most don't the greatest DACs or amps, spending $400 may be pointless, or even counter-productive - upmarket cans assume more capable amps than can drive demanding hardware. Putting $400 can on an iPod that isn't modded to use direct line out to drive an external amp is "possibly" a little pointless - and even then iPod would have to be one with a Wolfson DAC, and spending less money on a Cowon would probably give better sound (unless you're one of those weirdoes who won't use EQ.) Or there are very high SQ Samsungs and Sonys.


In fact - and this probably isn't what you want to hear - the obvious thing to do is to sell the IPod and buy a Cowon. They've got much better DACs, and the amps have the juice to drive much more ambitious cans. Obviously this isn't a choice if you're committed to iTunes - in that case I'd looking at getting a modded IPod and amp if you want the sort of SQ that $400 cans should give.

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It's actually the latest iPhone 4, it would be very hard to use an mp3 player that doesn't directly sync with itunes. I have been looking for a pair under 50 ohms or so, so that the iPhone would be capable of powering it. I found the marshall major headphones but read some reviews that they are nothing great. I will definitely not be using an amp (just for portable listening) so want the best possible set for my situation, I don't need audiophile quality just something that will sound better than the bose on ears I have, have deep powerful bass but also hit the highs that the bose are incapable of doing.

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EDIT: WTH, wrong thread. No idea how this happened.



I would say get some in-ears.

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When using phones with my Cowon players I use a Beyer t50p and it sounds great.

They sound great with my wife's ipods too.


Sometimes I do prefer in-ears (westone 3)but overall I like my t50.I would try to audition it first though.


I really like my friends audio technica ath-m50 too and it's cheaper.


Good luck!




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I love my PRO 900 out of the iPhone, yet I wouldn't consider them portable.


I'd recommend the MDR-Z1000 or DT1350, depends on what you want: musicality vs technicality.

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Monster TurbinePro Copper


They have the best sound I have heard for portable devices.  They are super easy to drive and come with what looks like 30 sets of tips so you can find just the right fit and seal.  I use the medium grey with the large hole around the speaker port.  I listen to these for hours at a time and am just amazed at how they sound.




Grado SR-80i


These I love and many others do as well for the type of music you enjoy.  They are on-ear.  My fellow lab mate wears them everyday for 6 hours and loves them straight out of his phone.  Amped they sound even better so you can room for improvement without even purchasing new headphones.


Creative Aurvana Live!



These receive many great reviews even on head-fi. 


Best of luck to you kind listening.

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