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For Sale or Trade:
IC FT: Woo Audio GES + Stax Omega 2 SR-007A

Will Ship To: CONUS



I have an amazing condition SR-007A Omega 2 MkII silver headphone with original box and packaging + Woo Audio GES and stock tubes.


This has been far and away the best headphone setup I have ever owned. However, I am going through a move right now and finding that it's extremely expensive. So, to get a little extra cash, I am looking to possibly trade this setup!


Does anyone have an Audeze LCD-2 or Sennheiser HD800 in great condition + a cheap but high quality amp (like Lyr?)


If so, I would love to trade with cash added on your part. Please let me know what you have and maybe we can make a deal. Definitely looking for a good deal though.


I ship pretty much the next working day and have good feedback so buy in confidence.