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wow im very surprised how many responses biggrin.gif i just joined recently so i thot no one would reply
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Well heres another one.


For now, AKG k518 with hd25 pads...Just sooo much fun when amped! 

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Fostex T50RP, (Faust mod) , perfection.

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akg 702 through creekse

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Grado PS-1000

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Koss Pro-4AA. Very smooth sound with plenty of detail. Never knew how machine like the almost classical sounding music of FALLOUT 3 in the capitol wasteland area could sound. First headphones i ever used since i was little child. They are so tough and durable my entire family shared just one for a decade and a half til it finally became mine permenantly in the mid 1980s. Eventually it broke around 1997 when i was really getting into listening to it with the horrifying fps shooter QUAKE. Just got myself a new one this year and its good times all over again.


Second place would be my Audio Technica Ath-AD700 which are great for hearing the details in music and games while having normal bass for someone who has used headphones on and off since being a wee little toddler in the 1970s.

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Denon AH-D7000 All around performer.

Sony MDR-XB1000 When I want that 'In Da Club' vibe.
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hd25-1's !! Even though I hated them at first : )

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beyerdynamic tesla t1 so far...

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Audeze LCD-2 Rev2 so far.

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Stax Omega 2 mk1

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That I own my RS2's that i have used...LCD2.

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Haven't really tried much high-end stuff. So I suppose my favorite is my Pioneer HDJ500's, after messing around with EQ and loudness compensation.

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Shure SHR-940 at the moment

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I think my new favorite that's not portable is the AKG K501. I like it more than the K702 and my K601. I expected the K501 to sound like my K601, but boy was I ever wrong!

This K501 with my amp has very very good amp. Not sure why it seems to have more and better bass than my K601 and old K702. Strange. Maybe it's some magical amp synergy. Who knows.

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