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whats your favorite headphones?

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just wondering peoples preferences smily_headphones1.gif i like my xb500's cant wait for my xb700's in the mail
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I got a pair of Beyer DT 880 (600ohm) and I sell my Denon AH-D7000 3 months ago.


The DT 880 is made for me and fits perfectly my needs! Prefer these to the more expensive AH-D7000 I owned before

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senn HD25 so far.


k601 but i cant carry it around so...

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In production, the Sennheiser HD-800.

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Beyerdynamic's T1, i use them for everything and all kinds of music really my go to cans.

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Sony mdr-7506

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Stax SR-007Mk2

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all my favorite headphones are no longer produced.
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x2.  Fostex T30 with XB700 pads.  Compares favorably to the LCD2 with just a slight roll off in the sub bass.  They were the most uncomfortable headphones I've ever tried before I put XB700 pads on them.

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SR80i ahead of my 325i and K601. It simply gets the most use on the home rig and on the go even though the other two

have superior attributes in other areas.

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LCD-2 r1

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Koss Pro DJ 100

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Currently the SRH940.


I just can't get enough of what this headphone is able to do with Ani Difranco and acoustic.


Very best,

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Edition 8.  Not the most expensive or most technical headphone I have ever owned, but easily the best one that fits my musical tastes in every single way!

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i have owned hundreds- all time fave still audio technica ath-a900

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