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It just depends on how  much current the receiver is running to the headphone port, as you said it should be fine but vintage receivers are are not consistent from one model to another in that respect. The LCD-2 stock cable is 1/4" but they have a 4-pin option or you could go aftermarket if you want, there are also straight speaker pin adapter cables available (the typical example is the K1000 stock 4-pin cable and speaker pin adapter cable) but with the LCD-2 you would definitely want the resistor.


Sorry I went off track with the HE-6, that is the one that most requires speaker taps in general and I went on a tangent. The LCD-2 is more efficient than either HiFiMAN but does like some current. In general most vintage units will be adequate, especially compared to more modern units out of the headphone jack so I think you're on the right track.

Very true, even all the 1250's aren't all the same. Any idea where i can get a resistor?


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The consensus seems to be for the 10-ohm wire wound types for the HE-6 with an amp over 70 wpc, you might want something of a higher value for the LCD-2 as it is more efficient and the 1250 is 125 wpc. The resistors are easy to find and cheap, I would try the 10 ohm and some higher values as well to see what works best, just make sure to keep the volume very low at first and work your way up slowly to be safe. I haven't used the resistor method myself as I attenuate the source with my 45 wpc speaker amp and the HE-6, but if you check the HE-6 threads, especially the HE-6 amp thread there are some specific recommendations posted there.

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I had both. The ED8's sound better (more natural, quicker, sweeter) but the LCD2s are much more comfortable, nice and big and substantial on the ears in a way that works.

ED8s made my (medium-large ears) feel like they were fitting a square peg in a round hole.

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I have both two and the Audeze LCD-2 sounds better to my ears.

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I have never tried the LCD2 although I have heard mainly very positive coments from most owners. I do own Edition 8s which have the following advantages

- I wear them on the train to work - they isolate quit well with hardly any sound leakage
- wear them at work some times, again don't annoy co-workers
- I occasionally wear them when I walk home from work - I get very few looks as they are quit small and don't look bright like a pair of "beats" do
- wear them in bed as more importantly don't annoy the wife!
- as previously mentioned they are portable I use them with iPod classic algorithum solo & alo mk2 hp amp combo, however I have tried them with directly with iPhone & iPad and they still sound quite good.
- as mentioned they scale very well - they sound very nice on my grace m903 and even better on my Leben CS300xs with 4x miniwatts el84s & 2 x raytheon 5751 windmill getters.

I'm not suggesting the Ed 8 are better than the LCD2s I would say the Ed8s may be more practical in some instances.

Having said that I would love to audition a pair of LCD2s.

Just my 2 cents and hopefully you will be able to audition them both.
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