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~$200 IEMs

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My shure 210's just crapped out and am looking for a replacement.  I'd really like to make the jump up to a dual (or more) driver iem and am thinking about the Shure 315's, but I thought I'd hear what other people recommend.  I listen to mostly alternative rock (and sometimes a little rap).  Thanks for the input!

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Fischer DBA2 or the VSang B2 (I hope I have that name right) seem to get a lot of positive press personally I have not owned them though sonjust going from others comments. If your willing to step out of the BA world though I strongly suggest you look at the Vsonic GR07 as will give you a nicely balanced IEM that is more comfortable than my Se215 (which have the same form factor as the 315/425/535. Personally I like it better than my $400 triple BA driver SM3 IEM.

I have not seen a lot positive press on the 315 (which is a single BA I think).
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DBA-02, CK10, EX600, GR07, Sennheiser IE7 and TF10Pro.

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