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Originally Posted by ProtegeManiac View Post

Dull and lifeless aren't necessarily the opposites of bright and forward. I think he just likes the more forward sound of other players as opposed to the flatter sound of Neutron.

It's also possible that Ambiophonic processing is on; if it is, switch that off and enable Crossfeed instead.

It's the other way around to my ears. Of all the players I've tried, with flat EQ, Android is technically the brightest. However I think Neutron is neutral so I can only conclude that every other player is inaccurate or otherwise handicapped.
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Originally Posted by SilverEars View Post

How does the crossfeed increase the sonic quality for you?  How should I set the crossfeed?


It only really works if you have a headphone that has a too strong L-C-R image but the spaces between L-C and C-R are off to the back, which doesn't translate to believable vocals and guitars in front because even the drum hits can get pushed forward while other hits stay in the back. The end result will compress the instruments towards the center, although depth will improve the vocals might move forward even more. The stock Crossfeed on my Cantate.2 amp actually works well enough to tame the L and R image on the SR80 and SR225. On the HD600, where the L and R if you push the headphone forward a bit don't have this problem to begin with, so even teh Cantate's can  be too much for it. Using it as a baseline I tweaked Neutron's to see if a more aggressive or less aggressive setting will improve it, but the first only made it worse and going the other way still compressed the audio in the center but not enough depth was added.


So basically, I leave the Crossfeed disabled. What I use Neutron for really is the EQ. It has all parameters imaginable that even a competition-ready car audio digital processor will not have all these tweaks. I can neutralize the excess bass (that I can still live with otherwise, but I would make it flatter when I could) on my ASG-1 with these, particularly if I use it with an Ibasso D-Zero. It's a little better than the S3's DAC in terms of overall tonality, but while its amp tightens up the bass, taming it a bit more just makes the ASG-1 better. On th HD600 I just cut a bit off the treble spike that shows up in graphs, and the treble gets a bit smoother.

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I can live with Neutron's EQ being flat for my HD650's and with my Q701's I ameliorate the 2k spike. On my V-Moda's I drop the upper bass a tad, works wonders. The EQ in Neutron is second to none on Android.
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How does this player compare to canopener?
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