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Anyone pre-ordered the DACmini-PX yet ?

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Given some very good reviews on these forums about the DAC-Mini CX, has anyone here placed a pre-order on the PX ? Did anyone here have a chance to give it a listen (at shows/Beta-testing), if yes.. impressions / comparison with the CX  (other than that it adds a Class-D amp) ?

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We are really looking forward to getting feedback on this product. More info is available on our site and as always I'm here to answer any questions.



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Thanks Jay,


               Plenty questions here, I hope you will keep your word wink.gif about answering them. Would be great to know


- what improvements does the PX bring to the DAC section over the CX (if any)

- same question on the Class-A section

- was there any update on the chasis as well ? taking into consideration that a Class-D has been added

- I did not see a 'silver' version is it on the cards ?

- the black version - is it the same as CX => hard anodised n all ?

- Is the PX capable of 196KHz on the USB (I have read that CX cant do it)

- are the same mods available for the PX as well (1-Ohm, High Gain, Vario-out etc) ?

- what can we expect from the Class-D when compared to nearest rivals in the market?

- are you bundling any special extras in the pre-orders tongue_smile.gif


I also read Michael say 'DACmini CX is getting great response, but wait until you hear DACmini PX' pray explain.

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Hi Silent,


There are 2 improvements the PX has over the CX.


1) Addition of a Class D amp

2) Improved chassis (we now offer an upgraded chassis for CX as well)


Other than those 2 items, the PX simply adds on to the functionality of CX. We will be offering the 1 ohm mod. By design the PX will control the volume output of the speaker outputs, eliminating a need for a variable out mod. As for the quyality comparisons, we are very happy with the product and are very confident the users here will give a fair assessment of how it stacks up. Like all of our products, we believe it will easily outperform its price class.


We currently are offering a reduced price on preorders. Contact me directly for the best price.


Keep the questions coming!!!



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