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is HDR 170 have compatibility with RS 180 transmitter?

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    i bought RS 180 but i don't satisfy with surround (i think it don't have surround i thought because amazon http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-RS-180-Wireless-Headphone/dp/B002TLT10S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1312993260&sr=8-1 it's written Dynamic surround sound)


   i want to experience perfect surround sound with wireless headphone 


   if i buy HDR 170 (Rs 170 without transmitter) can i use with Rs 180 transmitter with surround experience? Do i have any upset about it? 


   What do you suggest me about that

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The biggest problem with people is that they believe that headphones will sound like speakers.


Your wrong.


Headphones are created to drive the best sound into your ears, so that what you hear is directly heard. The do not try to force everything around you.


Soundstage doesn't matter much when your ears adjust to the sound in a minute anyways. Just stick with what you have.


Also, wireless headphones will not and cannot touch wired headphones in SQ. 


BTW: Different receivers. Won't work

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  You're wrong headphones can give excelent surround i had a headphone which cost is 40$ even it was surround and it was succesfull about surround but it was very very horrible about sound quality and sizzle 


 New Technologies allows us to play surround games with headphones feel the rear voice but RS 180 don't have rear voice if sound is rear then rs 180 play like center 


  i red somewhere hdr 180 can work with rs 160 transmitter but i don't know hdr 170 work with rs 180 and what about surround quality because rs 170 have surround button on head

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Were you able to find the answer? I am in a similar fix. I have read that all Kleer technology transmitters will work with all Kleer technology headphones but I am not sure about sound quality. RS 160/170/180 headphones and transmitters will work with each other. So here is the question I am trying to find an answer to - I have RS 160 transmitter and I want to buy RS 180 headphones. Will RS 180 headphones sound equally good when connected to RS 160 transmitter as when connected to RS 180 transmitter.
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