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Upgrade to AKG K-518DJ ?

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I was a happy AKG K-518DJ headphones owner untill I sold them to my friend. Now I want to buy myself some new headphones and I would like you do advice me something different.


Here are my criterias:


- excellent noice reduction (passive preferred)

- good sound quality, good bass (I listen mostly electronic music - DnB, Dub etc.)

- they will beused to listening music on the bus and on the street so reasonable cable lenght (1,5m max)

- tough built (the feature I loved in mine K-518)

- ability to replace cords would be great, though not neccesary


- around 100 USD price point


I was thinking about Denon DJ DN-HP500 but the 3m cable is too long for me and I don't want to recable.


What would you suggest ?


Thanks in advance for any replies!






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Up your budget a little and get a DJ1


They're an Ultrasone HFI-580 with a paint job.

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Ok, I've decided to expand my budget a little :)


ATM I'm torn between:


DENON DN-HP700 and Shure SRH750DJ


I feel like I want to try some of those two big brands. I love the Denon look but I'm not sure if it will have enough bass and isolation compared to 518DJ. On the other hand Shure has an oppinion on beeing bass heave (which I will surely love) but I also read it's poorly built and I don't know if it wouldn't look stupid to wear them on the outside.


Any oppinions abot those two models in comparison ?

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I don't think you'll like the HP700s bass, you'll get way more punch with big 50mm drivers like the HFI-580 and Shure 750. If you want a Denon with crazy bass check out the DN1100, it's supposed to be a beast.


You can check out what things look like on headroom btw.

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