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Need help!!!

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Hi i just bought a HD 600 and a little dot Mk VII amp. I have no idea how to connect the amp to my Macbook pro. The previous owner of the amp gave me this two headed silver interconnect that has 3 holes with one end being male and the other end being female. May i know how do i connect the amp to my laptop? I heard of smth called a dac, but im just quite clueless about what wires and adapters to buy. t


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oh i just found out the cables are silver xlr cables, so do i need to buy a dac which has xlr outputs and if so any recommendations???



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you could buy a balanced dac or you could use the rca input. but if you dont have a dac then you will be amping the already amped output of your laptop.


as for dac, there are just so many options.. a good one is dacmagic. I had it and loved it. it has everything you need for an entry system.


if you dont have balanced HPs then you also can stick to single ended.. I also had the little dot dac and while it was a nice dac, I didnt liked it. it will match your amp nicely.

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If i;m heading the rca way, will a dac be necessary? As is there a significant improvement in the sound? I'm planning to get the nuforce udac 

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I think yes it will be an improvement. my grubdac sounds much better than my asus lappy. nuforce is meant to be very nice to. anyway you can read through the dedicated components forum and see what are your other options and what people said/thinks about them.

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oh okay.. what about rca vs balanced. is there a big difference??? if i go balanced i think i'll need to get a balanced dac, balanced cables for my HD 600s. My wallet will have a hole T.T

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You need a cable which has a headphone plug on one end (to plug into the headphone socket of the MacBook Pro) and two RCA plugs on the other end, which will plug into the back of the amp (left and right).  Make sense?

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