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Need suggestions/advice on a pair of headphones

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Well,my Creative Fatality headset that was going strong for 3 years has finally died.I've been doing A LOT of research lately.Learned about closed/open headphones,the truth about ''gaming'' headsets and 5.1 surround sound and whatnot.Gotta say it's pretty interesting learning all of these things.It seems that for gaming a nice pair of headphones and a clip on microphone are the way to go.I am getting the Zalman ZM mic because it seems to be suggested by a lot of people.After all my research I have come across a bunch of notable pair of headphones.Lots of names getting tossed around.Well I still haven't made up my mind yet.Now, I am going to list what my priorities are and what I am looking for in a pair of headphones.


-Comfort.I want to be able to wear a pair of headphones for a long time before I feel any sort of discomfort.

-Well obviously I want it to be okay for gaming since I want it to primarily replace my headset that just died.

-I also kind of want to be able to wear them outside, so I don't really want anything looking too ridiculous and be portable enough.

-I would prefer closed headphones.

-I listen to a little bit of everything though I primarily listen to dubstep,house,trance so a pair of headphones with nice bass would be nice.I don't want anything very overpowering though.

-My budget is around 50 or 60 dollars.I don't want to go out and spend too much money on headphones right now.


The headphones that I've been looking at are the Sennheiser Hd 201/202/203, JVC HA-RX700, Superlux HD 681/668B and a bunch of other names that have been tossed around but I don't remember them.


The sennheisers all look nice but,they don't look to be very comfortable.Especially the 202/203. The JVC HA-RX700 is very recommended...but they look really big and I don't think I could carry them around.The Superlux look nice and comfortable but they are semi-open so I'm kind of on the fence on those....


Well if you're read through all my text,thank you and any advice would be appreciated.Oh and I am buying from Canada so if you link me any sites please make sure that they deliver to Canada.

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Assuming you're in the U.S.:

Creative Aurvana Live.  They fit everything you want,  but might be over your budget right now.  Sales are frequently and you can expect them to drop to ~$60, so keep an eye open.



fffffff @ the missed Canada part.  That just kills your budget.

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XB500 with an Equalizer. $50 new.


If you can save up a bit, you can get yourself something truly nice that does everything you want and then some, without being terribly expensive. The headphone you ultimately want is the Ultrasone HFI 580. If you care about the audio enough to come to headfi, maybe consider saving up a bit more and invest in a headphone that will deliver everything you're asking for, not just some bits and pieces, which saved you a few dollars.


The real killer is that you're in Canada, and most headphones cost a lot more up there and online up there than in the USA, so it makes your budget even more cramped for something at all decent.


Very best,

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Hey thanks for your suggestion.Yeah those headphones do look nice but I live in canada though.Eh...Well I do see a pair going on Ebay for 75 bucks.With 25$ shipping...hhmm

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Yes I have been looking at the ultrasone hfi 580 but the prices are different here in Canada...Those go for about 90 bucks on ebay.

Edit:Oops,the one I've actually been looking at his the ultrasone hfi 450 hehe.


Yes one day I will save up enough money for the ultimate pair of headphones that I want.But right now,I really need something that would satisfy me and last me for a while.

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What about if you give us the link of a headphone store in canada, so we can have an idea whats on your budget or not? 


If you plan to buy from the US it will be over your budget.

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Well I honestly do not know of a particular site that sells headphones in Canada.I just look around Ebay.I could do a quick google search though.

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Just and update...I just snagged a pair of Creative Aurvana Live! on ebay.The seller's original price was around 80 dollars,but I haggled it down to 60.The shipping was about 25 dollars though...Still I just jumped on the occasion because it looks like the CAL!s are rebranded Denon Dh 1001 I believe?And they seem to be well approved among the site as well.Hopefully the shipping is fast (USPS priority mail)so I can give you guys my opinion on it!Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

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I believe the CALs are not rebranded Denon 1001?

But both use the same Fisher internals?

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Yes I think your perception is more accurate.


This guy did a review on them and their insides look almost exactly the same.

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I guess it's Foster internals, not Fisher.

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