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For Sale: Woo WA6SE Max. Sold

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For Sale:
Woo WA6SE Max. Sold

Will Ship To: Lower 48

WA6SE max with the upgraded parts from Woo including black-gate's, stepped alternator, EML 274B Solid Plate (very rare) along with my 247B mesh plate Princess, and my rare RCA chrome domes along with a choice of one other brand of Drive/Power tubes. Shipping in to boxes.


I brought this black beauty New from Woo Audio about two years ago. I have the original box and packing that came with my WA6SE max.


The WA6SE max has been sitting in its box for about a year now, because I got a new WA5LE max from Woo audio about a year ago. I have been holding on to it because it is a great Amp, but its just silly IMO setting in its box unused for over a year now.


Anyway with the great tubes I am including in this sale, you are all set to go and also tube roll with some of the best sounding and very hard to find tubes for the WA6SE.

Note; Woo audio doesn't include a power cord so you will need to supply your own. I can suggest a very good power cord for this Amp at a price of under $30.


Ground shipping, ins and paypal charges are included in this sale. There are no returns, as is most sales of this type. Don't worry this Amp is in great shape, see pictures and judge for yourself.


If Woo audio still offered the parts upgrade and with these tubes that are included you would be looking at a cost of $2400.00+.

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PM sent.

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Its Yours!


Thank You.

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nice buy for you bobeau

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